2013: A Recap

2013 was, inarguably, Rupert's busiest year to date. And what a marvelous year it was! Take a quick look back with us over the highlights:


Rupert made quite a few strides into the television industry this year.

In March and April, Rupert began filming the CBS pilot Super Clyde, in which he played the protagonist, a humble young man who uses his wealth to become a superhero for people in need. The cast also included Stephen Fry, Tyler Labine, and Justine Lupe.



In October, Rupert graced our televisions in “Killer Vacation,” an episode of the popular American TV show, American Dad. Rupert guest starred as a British boy named Liam that main character, Steve, meets on vacation. 



After a long wait and, sadly, eventual disappointment when Super Clyde was not picked up by CBS, a rare thing occurred. The show’s creator, Greg Garcia, released the pilot to the public on the CBS website.

To the chagrin of the network, many people were disappointed that the show would not be airing in the 2013/2014 run.  


Adding to an already jam-packed year, Rupert released three movies: CBGB, Foosball and The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.



Piquing the edgy, dynamic, roles that his fans are familiarly fond of, Rupert tackled roles ranging a drug-dealing adult film star, a cult punk-rock icon and, to great contrast, the voicing of a shy yet smart foosball player. 



All films were initially premiered throughout smaller festivals to critical acclaim, showing us that not only can Rupert throw his talent across multiple genres but also that there is simply no niche he won't attempt. Perhaps this is to spread his wings after the colossus of Potter or, just perhaps, it's to find a new nook he feels comfortable with.




With all the excitement of this year, his joining of the theatre was surely at the top. 

London Theatre debuted Mojo in November, which has quickly become a theatrical phenomenon. Breaking away from film for this project, Rupert dove into an all-male cast full of well-known and beloved actors from British television and cinema. 



On opening night, where the drug-riddled, rock’n’roll themed and dramatic deaths were on full display, it received raving reviews from not only media but fans, too. 

“You won't find much better ensemble acting than this, nor a play that so effectively punctures the pretensions of a hermetic gangland culture.” - The Guardian

This show of masculinity and raw emotion proved to be exhausting transition for Rupert from film to stage performance, but his multiple presentations has landed him a deserved nomination for Newcomer of the Year for the 2014 WhatsOnStage Awards, heralding his debut.


2014 will only bring more variety, with the filming of Enemy of Man beginning in February, as well as the release of his cameo in Postman Pat: The Movie.

From the looks of it, Rupert seems intent on proving that, for whatever lies ahead, there is certainly no slowing him down. 

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Submitted by Claire on Tue, 12/31/2013 - 15:20

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