Ask Rupert : First Set of Answers

As I know you will remember, we recently launched our Ask Rupert feature, where we asked you to send in your questions for the Man Himself.

We broadly collated and carefully grouped and thoughtfully selected three representative questions, and we sent them off to his wonderfully helpful People, and they managed to pin him down, between press junkets and golf courses, and now we have our very first set of Rupert's Answers, as an early Christmas present.

In future, those of you who download our iPhone App will get a sneak peek of each set of Rupert's Answers in the Exclusives section of the App, but this time here they are :

Dan has said he's never seen you angry. What makes you lose your cool or your patience?

My mum's parrot when it screeches, especially whilst I'm watching the TV!

Who and what influences your art, and have you ever considered a future in it/publishing a website of your art?

Sometimes I'm influenced by my dreams and nightmares; also, in particular, I find artists like Salvador Dali to be very inspirational.

You've worked with the same people for a decade - are you gonna avoid them, in future, or jump at a project if one of them is involved?

I certainly wouldn't avoid working with anyone - in fact, it's great to have a familiar face on set!!

I hope you'll all agree that those are three wonderful new pieces of information - especially being able to add a parrot to the list of animals in that house... hey, who's in charge of the list of animals?

Anyway. Whilst we do have dozens of unasked questions on our spreadsheet, I'm sure the press coverage over the last few months has inspired you, so keep sending in new questions to me to Ask Rupert.

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Submitted by Lauren on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 10:32

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