Ask Rupert

One of the staff's collective favourites - if not the favourite - feature on the site (*drumroll*), it's Ask Rupert!

With many thanks to his lovely publicity team and the man himself, we will be putting three of your questions to Rupert every three months. Isn't three a good number?

So, if you have a question for Rupert which is in desperate need of answering* (and honestly, who doesn't), pop an email to Lauren and she will very happily add it to her incredibly-organised spreadsheet of Ask Rupert questions!

Set One

Dan has said he's never seen you angry. What makes you lose your cool or your patience?

My mum's parrot when it screeches, especially whilst I'm watching the TV!

Who and what influences your art, and have you ever considered a future in it/publishing a website of your art?

Sometimes I'm influenced by my dreams and nightmares; also, in particular, I find artists like Salvador Dali to be very inspirational.

You've worked with the same people for a decade - are you gonna avoid them, in future, or jump at a project if one of them is involved?

I certainly wouldn't avoid working with anyone - in fact, it's great to have a familiar face on set!!

Set Two

If you could guest star on any cartoon, which would you choose, and would you want to play yourself or another character?

Spongebob ..... I would be a prawn called Poo Vein.

Ron's Patronus is a Jack Russell terrier because loyalty is one of his greatest traits. What would your patronus be?

A big prawn.

Pick 3 other people (living or dead) to make up your dream golf foursome.

The Queen, Ricky Martin, Justin Bieber.

We couldn't resist the siren lure of the prawn, and have taken advantage of one of our amazing resident artists, Napchic, to create a little gift for Rupert... click on the prawn...

Set Three:

- If you had to pick two movies to watch non-stop for a day, what would they be?
- What has been the biggest challenge so far of your acting career and what has come the easiest?

- Dan talks about playing one of the romantic poets; you're the artist - any famous artist you'd like to play?

Answers coming soon!

*Please do not send questions our way such as "What do you look for in a girl/will you marry me/can we flee together to Gibraltar?" as we've had so many, Lauren is now allergic.

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