Cherrybomb at Berlinale: Press Reports

[Lorena is mentioned in an unidentified press article!]

13.30 o'clock. At the Babylon cinema. The red carpet unrolled and the first fans are there with album, pen and Handycam for the autograph hunt. Rupert Grint, better known as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films than Cherrybomb, announced himself at world premiere of his new film Therein he plays a teenager named Malachy, who fights with his friend Luke for the beautiful Michelle.

At the premiere cinema opposite the people's stage, the film's situation turns: Here the girls compete for the 19-year-old superstar Grint. Close to the closing stand Katharina, Luisa and Freya, which are interviewed for the fourth time straight by journalists. Are their fans of Rupert Grint? Why are they so mad about him? What constitutes his special radiant emittance? The three answer, sounding rather experienced - that red hair is simply most beautiful and Rupert is the most talented actor in the Potter films anyway. The three pupils have no more stops planned for after few minutes the premiere ends, but at least they want one view of their favorite star.

Lorena is specially traveled from London for this special instant. "That is my first time in Berlin and my first Film festival at all. I am very excited," admits the 21-year-old. She has many questions for Rupert and hopes to be able to ask at least one during the interview after the film.

14.07 o'clock. Finally it is here: A silver-grey minibus moves and ejects two of the three "Cherrybomb"- leading actors forward: Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon. Then, closely behind it, Rupert Grint follows in an official black Berlinale sedan. Small one, but purifies differences. The crowd gathers itself immediately on the red-haired Englishman. Rejoicing and reach in waves across the temporarily closed off Luxembourg road. Rupert takes his time. He reacted to the acclamations, looks to the left, to the right, smiles. While his colleague hang-back before loud autograph collectors, Robert and Kimberley go off together the red carpet on and…

Suddenly a tumult, when a young woman in the wheelchair at the roadside pleads for an autograph. Naturally she gets it, in addition an embrace. The press is content, for her: Julia, 22, everything's great! "Everything's great!" After a further ten minutes of "Rupert, here!" requests and “Rupert, to the left," the three actors enter the cinema and are led on to the balcony. Then the gates open to all different groups and the hall fills rapidly. The more full it becomes inside, the sadder the faces in the long queue at the ticket booth. But some seats always remain free, and up until the late beginning at 14.50 o'clock, the most persistent "Rupie Groupies" came nevertheless, still somehow getting into the hall. Also for Freya and her friends, waiting was worthwhile itself: They wait for an autograph and photo, also one of the last posters for the film, which is celebrated at the end with applause and rejoicing calls lasting several minutes. The Berlinale magic's possible.

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