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Festival 14plus: Berlinale films for young cinema fans

Three Morning Mail youth reporters have small eyes in these days: They are in things Berlinale on the way. Letter up, which should not give it Festival films. The film festivals have their own section for young people.

Under the label "Generation 14plus" are 14 full-length films, which go into the running for a Crystal Bear from the youth jury. The star of 14plus is Rupert Grint, who does not have any similarity to his new role with Harry Potters friend Ron…. Read here the review of the youth critics.

Moving: Cherrybomb, a drama based around three teenagers. The relationship between Malachy (Rupert Grint), Luke (Robert Sheehan) and Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) ends dramatically. The film "Cherrybomb" shows the life of Malachy (Rupert Grint) and Luke (Robert Sheehan), two Irish young people, after they have finished their final examinations in the summer. They spend their spare time with drugs and an excessive party life. Two fireworks, who cannot cause massive damage without fire.

Then Michelle, the daughter of the owner of sport park, come into their lives and the fire ignites. The igniter burns - and not only in the competition around Michelle does it becomes increasingly hotter. Malachy and Luke get themselves perfectly intoxicated and with the attempt to beat each other in tight spot approach an inexorably explosive finale.

Cherrybomb is, in various regard, an unusual film. Relentlessly, it shows what happens if one actually ignites a competition. The film convinces with expression- strong visuals and great leading actors. It does not necessarily shock with special effects or press with sappy dialogues to make your eyes water. By its directness, the youth drama remains authentic and deep. The self-dynamics, which arise as a result of the match around Michelle, are conclusive. Also the unavoidable explosion at the end leaves lasting impression with the spectator. A convincing, moving synthesis of the arts.


Der Tagesspiegal - Cherrybomb

Malachy (Rupert Grint, who plays as Ron, the best friend of Harry Potter) is the pride of its parents. He makes money with his work in the Leisureplex. Luke (Robert Sheehan) grows up with its alcoholic father and dealt for his brother. His refuge is music, its expression and eccentric gears. Malachy and Luke are as different best friends as fire and water.

It is summer and the duo wants fun, freedom and parties. When they hang out in the Leisureplex, Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) before them stands suddenly: blond, cherry lips, in a simple dress and ankle boots. She lives with Malachy’s boss, her father, he is not however interested in his daughter, but on their best friend Donna concentrates. For Luke and Malachy it’s clear: We want this Michelle. Both. A vortex from courage showings begins, because she decides she does not like them for the time being. Michelle creates challenges again and again to play the friends against each other. But it actually is in the search for a genuine relationship with their father.

The directors Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn create the story so that one learns to understand all three equally. One learns also, how small sometimes the differences between adults and children are. Michelle’s father sleeps with her best friend, Malachy grows too protected and Luke does not think over the consequences and seems neglected by parents. At the end is the party past, but nevertheless: the friendship between Malachy and Luke lives.


Junge Journalisten - Packende Schauspieler

Packing actors like Rupert Grint, one expects to actually see some magic. But Malachy does not have a magic wand or any powers otherwise.

Together with his best friend Luke (Robert Sheehan), he goes to parties, smokes, takes drugs or somehow otherwise has fun. Then Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) emerges. The best friends become sudden rivals around the girl. They try to mutually overtrump each other with dangerous actions.

Particularly the Graffiti, which Malachy sprayed on the wall, pleased me, because it is a cool and not brutal action. Although they want to outdo each other, they hold together, when one of them is attacked. Luke comes to his friend’s assistance and saves his life. The story pleased me, because it shows how thick or thin friendships can be. For me, it was not concerned all around the girl, but more about the friendship of the boys. I found it, however, unnecessary that the girl did not get away so well in the end. I also enjoyed the many SMS, while they were written to be seen completely on the big screen.

All three actors played in such a way that one could find realistic, that everything would have really happened. The film was partly funny; unfortunately I, because of the accent, did not understand everything. But at the end, it remains nevertheless rather hopeless for me in memory.


Junge Journalisten - Ungewöhnlich

There is a contest for Michelle, who has her power to make hopes and to destroy it immediately thereafter again. Alcohol and drugs are in the game and then the friendship of Malachy and Luke has a tough test.

The film shows quite blatantly, what a girl who tramples on the feelings of guys can do, everything that guys do in order to get a girl and that life with parties, alcohol and drugs can have consequences.

The film is tough, funny and sad at the same time and with very good actors involved.

Rupert Grint as Malachy, enjoyed a good family. Robert Sheehan as Luke, whose father is often drunk and Kimberley Nixon as Michelle, a really unhappy divorce child, whose frustration is omitted other things.

With great music and unusual camera angles, it is worthwhile to see this film.

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