Driving Lessons: Film Reviews

Editor's Selection of Reviews for Driving Lessons (2006)

“Grint, on the other hand, is a revelation...Grint delivers his lines with such honesty that he makes them ring true. Only a veritably accomplished actor can manage such a feat.”
Alternative Film Guide

“Meanwhile Rupert Grint (who works with Walters in the Harry Potter movies), holds his own as the eternally put-upon Ben in a part well suited to him, proving that a career awaits him after he graduates from Hogwarts.”
Digital Spy

“Rupert Grint gets to play a lead that will serve him well for later.”
IO Film

"Grint shines as Ben..."
Film Exposed

“It’s a brave move for Grint, who takes his first steps into grown-up cinema with Driving Lessons and displays talent that seems certain of guaranteeing him a long career as an actor.”
Film Focus Review

“Grint is genuinely deserving to be a lead actor in his own right. (There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be seeing him long after the Harry Potter franchise is over.)”
Film Forward

The age of terrific young actor Rupert Grint, the redheaded sidekick who finally steps out of Harry Potter’s shadow and shambles his way into a breakout performance in Driving Lessons.”

New York Metro

Grint is just right, as the boy they, and the film, can’t do without.”
NY Daily News

“Without Grint playing Ben low-key, ‘Driving Lessons’ would be completely lost. His scenes with either Linney or (Walton) are the best in the movie.”
On Milwaukee Movies

“Rupert Grint, too, is excellent as the shy, awkward Ben and hints that he could have a future in film beyond his role as Ron in the Harry Potter films.”

“Rupert has found his niche with Comedy/Drama movies. This is it, this is what he was meant to do. Harry Potter was a fantastic starting point for him, but this movie is his rocket ship to stardom.”
Rotten Tomatoes: The Vine

“And Grint is a terrific foil for her. He maintains the character beautifully, letting us travel from inexperience to the first whiff of self-discovery and independence. It’s a remarkably subtle coming-of-age story, and nothing we’ve seen Grint do before quite prepares us for the delicacy of this performance. Their strong chemistry intriguingly suggests Harold & Maude (without the sex).”
Shadows On the Wall

“Rupert Grint...proves that he has what it takes to be a leading man.”
STL Today

“..Grint can do more acting with only his eyes than most actors can do with their whole bodies…”
Tom's Mini Movie Reviews

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