Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Rupert's Official Site?
We are flattered that you would think this, though it is not true. As far as we know, Rupert does not have an official site at this moment in time. Although Rupert's dad, Nigel, did indeed at one point own, and this was at one time a working Rupert site, the site is no longer active.

Do you have Rupert's address/email/telephone number?
Quite simply: no.

So you aren't in any way connected to Rupert?
We are fans. Though is in frequent contact with the Grint fanily, Rupert's agents and publicity team, we are an unofficial website.

Can you put us in touch with Rupert?
The best place for you to send all your fanmail to Rupert is via his agency, for which the address is listed on the Contacts page. We do not have Rupert's home address or any contact telephone, so please do not email us asking for it.

Can we send you items to pass on to Rupert?
As we are fortunate enough to have several staff members who live in the UK, we would be more than happy to forward to Rupert any letters bearing messages or the like which you wish to send. We do this to support fans who live abroad such as the US and Hong Kong and are worried that their mail may not be recieved. We ensure total privacy and anything which you send into us with intent for forwarding to Rupert will not be divulged further than the staff members who will deal with the mailing. Please contact us for more information.

What awards has Rupert won?
For information on the awards which Rupert has recieved in his film roles, please refer presently to the Accolades page. For more information on the awards his films have received, please refer to our Filmography section.

Where can I find correct and concise information on Rupert?
We, at, promise to publish news about Rupert only if it is true and confirmed by reliable sources. There are always rumours which circle the press and the internet about everyone's favourite actors, so if you find one which you don't quite think is true, or find distressing in any way, we advise that you take it with a pinch of salt and wait for trusted sources to confirm that the news is true.

Can I add news/pictures/information to this site?
Please do! It is only through our readers that we will be able to make this a great Rupert site. We will have rules which will be specific for those who are wanting to contribute to the site. This isn't intended to put you off at all, but to make sure that duplicate information or pictures do not appear on the site.

What is your site email?
All of our staff have individual site emails. If you would like to contact one of them specifically please refer to the Contact Us page. However if you would like to contact us collectively our staff email is

Does Rupert have an account on a social networking site?
No! We cannot stress this enough. Rupert does not have an account on MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. We are aware there are numerous imposters out there who would ilke you to think otherwise, however we have confirmed it several times that Rupert is not a part of any of these sites.


Any questions you would like to see answered here? Please email us at the staff address.

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