Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Film Reviews

Editor's Selection of Reviews for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

“As ever it’s left to Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) to hold it all together and outshine Daniel Radcliffe delightfully. He’s streaks and miles and eons etc. above the rest in terms of natural talent.”

“But once again Grint, who has grown up to be a talented comic actor, is the scene stealer here. If I had a crystal ball, I’d say he’s the actor whose post-”Potter” future seems most certain.”
Boston Herald

“What surprised me is that Rupert Grint, as Ron, has turned into perhaps the best actor of the three leads. While Emma Watson is mercurial and enthusiastic as Hermione, Grint turns in the most shyly detailed performance and easily walks away with his scenes.”

“…and the movie clearly belongs to Rupert Grint’s Ron and Brendan Gleeson’s Mad Eye Moody, who steal every scene, making it the funniest Potter movie yet.”

“Rupert Grint as Ron redeems the trio, giving an endearing and worthy performance as the awkward adolescent with the even more awkward dress robes sent by his mother for the ball.”
Cornell Daily Sun

“Rupert Grint steals almost every scene he’s in as the hapless Ron, hopeless with girls and hacked off with Harry.”
Daily Information

“Radcliffe has gotten better from film to film. But he’s still not quite on par with Grint, who does such a wonderful job as the dense-but-lovable Ron…”
Des Moines Register

“Rupert Grint gives his best performance to date as Ron Weasley by channeling his frustrated angst into his role as just being a best friend while overcoming his unknown feelings for Hermione. Often being the comic relief, Grint brings a lot more drama to his role and he manages to bring out a fine, superb supporting performance.”

“Grint is the best of them, surely a star in the making.”
Evening Standard

“First off, Rupert Grint is spectacular as Ron, who emerges as the strongest actor and character of the bunch – he carries the weight of the entire story on his thin shoulders, and does it with style. He’s moving out from under Harry’s shadow a bit – or trying to, at least, and yet his obvious affection for both Harry and Hermione (although in different degrees) is charming.”
Freeze Dried Movies

“Radcliffe is good to Grint’s fabulous."
Killer Movie Reviews

“Of the three, this time around Rupert Grint stands out, leaving behind his perpetually terrified countenance. His query about why girls “always travel in packs” is perhaps the film’s best line.”
Mark Reviews

“Rupert Grint (Ron) did a great job of being pissed off. His comedic timing is usually his claim to fame, but in this movie he did a good job of bringing forth something other than plucky comedy and exaggerated fear.”
Rampway Online

"Rupert Grint...is fabulously natural and naturally comic.”

“I cannot think of anyone else as Ron except for Rupert Grint, who in fact is the best actor out of all the whole bunch as far as the students go. His facial expressions are brilliant. Having had experience in theatre at a young age, he clearly knows to enunciate well.”
Smart Popcorn

“Grint’s portrayal of the redheaded Ron also belies his age, as he displays an incredible comic timing that eludes many actors three times his age.”
The Lantern

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