We Want You! Calling all Rupert fans!

As RupertGrint.net continues to grow, we’re now (more than ever) on the look-out for talented and committed volunteers to join our team to improve our news and event coverage!

News Editors
Openings: 3

With It's Only a Play, Moonwalkers, Enemy of Man, Postman Pat and The Unbeatables, we're up to our eyes in Rupert promo. To stay on top of the flux, we're looking for 3 new editors to cover the news as-it-happens.

The ideal candidate:
- Is a big Rupert fan.
- Has a strong command of the English language and is a bit of a grammar snob.
- Experience in writing/editing.
- Have somewhat flexible hours so you can occasionally cover for one of the other editors.

Feature Writers
Openings: 2

Well sure, news is great but what about each individual project? 

Feature writers will cover the nitty gritty in each new project announcement, not only keeping fans clued in on the the production's development but presenting their thoughts on any given aspect of it, in tandem.

The ideal candidate:
- Is a great writer
- Is knowledgable about Rupert's film history
- Can work in a timely and efficient manner to meet project deadlines

Video Editor 
Openings: 1

We have some exciting new projects on the horizon and are in need of a talented editor to help!

Ideally you will:
- Be great at working with a team and brief
- Be able to grasp team’s needs and specifications
- Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the    project
- Have knowledge of creating rough and final cuts
- Be able to input music, dialogues, graphics and effects
- Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
- Consult with team from production to post-production process

Please send all applications, with an optional sample of your editing skills (preferred), to staff@rupertgrint.net.

Social Media Specialist
Openings: 1 or 2

We are looking for one or two dedicated social media gurus -- people with a passion for memes, gifs and their pulse on the latest Rupert news -- to come and help with our Facebook and Twitter - which now have almost 500,000 followers between them!

You will:-
- Develop content and monthly calendars for both Facebook and Twitter
- Develop & implement content unique to RupertGrint.net and our audience
- Exhibit a sense of urgency – monitor, prioritize and respond in near real-time 
- Think creatively and strategically in all social media promotion.

Apply to staff@rupertgrint.net and include…
- Your name, age, and the region you live in
- Your general availability
- What your past/present experience in writing, blogging or editing is.
- Tell us why you think you'd make a great addition to our team.
Optionally: Include an example of your writing/editing skills.

So...what's great about working at RupertGrint.net?

Yes, these are volunteer positions however we have a ton of fun in the process.

Not only will your work be read by hundreds of thousands of people a month (and millions a year) and look great on your resumé, we regularly send staff to attend various events on behalf of the site (such as conferences, movie screenings/premieres, studio tours, etc).

And yes, Rupert's usually there.

Also, our staff? Pretty awesome. You'd be welcomed into our tight-knit family of ginger lovers.

Note: If you have applied in the past, please don’t be discouraged from applying again this time! We take every application seriously.

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