in NYC!

July 8-10, 2009


By Lorena


A few hours into our 3 days in the city, I find myself enjoying lunch while Ron Weasley lurks at us over my shoulder.

So this was Day 1 of NYC.  Steph and I arrived Wednesday, took in the city (caught up with Emma Watson before she went in for her interview with David Letterman, you know, the usual) then woke up EXTRA early to hopefully catch Rupert on Regis and Kelly.



Well, that was the plan…we weren’t as successful as we would have hoped, but we did catch Rupert on his way out of the studio and again Emma on her way in, as well as Daniel stopping by to pre-record his appearance on the morning chat show.  Wow…this is premiere day, so you can imagine Steph and I were doing our best to keep in touch with everyone at, but it was so thrilling to catch them all and meet some Rupert fans (Shoutout to Noelle and Josh!).

There definitely was an atmosphere with the three stars of Harry Potter, and that’s complete chaos.  I honestly can’t imagine a moment of solitude between all the interviews, appearances, and endless amounts of photos and autographs to take and give.  But through and through, each of them displayed a grace, control, and appreciation that really was a huge relief.  Having been involved with for less than a year, I’ve had the experiences of a lifetime but nothing really amounts to what I saw and got to be a part of during the NYC leg of HBP promotion.

So later after seeing the trio, Steph and I made our way back to the hotel (which is on directly next to the Ziegfeld Theatre, Shoutout to Steph’s dad for the suggestion!) to get ourselves prepared for the media circus later that day.  Your browser may not support display of this image.

At about 5pm, we get down to the red carpet.  In the picture above, the building on the right side is our hotel, and our room is facing the street where all this was taking place, so we were basically looking out the window the entire time watching the carpet get rolled out, posters getting mounted, and all the press tags being placed down.  Here is ours!


The crowd was going crazy.  Event staff were handing out posters, media and various camera people getting “screaming shots” of the crowd so by 6pm it was almost deafening when David Yates arrived first to kick off the red carpet.  I do not even want to imagine what it must have been like standing in front of that crowd, signing autographs, and having your ear drums blown out.  Tons of respect (and ear plugs next time) to Rupert and everyone who met the waiting Harry Potter fans.  Having gone to several film premieres in London, nothing compared to the energy of this HP premiere.  It was an honor and privilege to be on the press line and seeing the interviews first hand.  Solely speaking as a fan, it was amazing! Standing there, desperate to talk to each and every person that came through was just too thrilling for words, and I was  doing my best to get the best videos we could for the site.  Sadly, by the time Rupert came he was being ushered inside so Steph figured we might as well just get a ‘hello’ to the fans.

So we got to see Steven Kloves, David Heyman, Freddie Stroma, David Yates, Bonnie Wright, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, and of course, Rupert stopped in our area to do his final carpet interview.  I also was able to catch a quick glimpse of Michael Gambon before he entered the theatre, along with all the various celebs who came out for the premiere.  It truly was an incredible night in New York City.

After the screening, I went downstairs to meet Steph and another fan (Shoutout to Chelsea) and caught the cast and crew coming out of the theatre.  Of course being who he is, Rupert kindly begins to sign more autographs as he makes his way out.  Between the dark bags under his eyes, and the Sharpie fight he apparently got into (look at his hand)…wow, the fans were so excited!

Steph and I left Friday, and made sure to post all our pictures to the site so be sure to check them out as they’ve been tagged and released!  Thank you so much to Claire, Kait, of course Steph, and everyone at for their support and help with getting us to NYC to cover the premiere for all you fans!

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