New Song Posted from The Ghost of Samantha!

We love Samantha Grint. And we know you will, too!

Last week, we introduced The Ghost of Samantha as our Exclusive Artist for March. We were thrilled to be able to post some brand new photos of Samantha in our gallery as well as a selection of her music for you to listen to via the player at the top of our new page.

Today, we wanted to share with you yet another of Samantha's songs, "Back Seat," from her first ever demo disc, recorded in 2008/9. This lovely song's melody floats up and down in fluid staccato, backed by catchy piano and drums, and it will plant itself instantly on replay inside your head!

So check out "Back Seat" at the link below, let us know what you think, share with a friend or two, and be sure to like The Ghost of Samantha on Facebook!

Exclusive Artist: March 2012

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Submitted by Aubrey on Tue, 03/06/2012 - 03:30

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