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Great Caesar is...

John / Adam / Sean / Tom / Mike / Stephen

Armed with horns, guitars, and everything in between, the six men of Great Caesar produce a brilliant and unmistakable brand of brass-fueled rock. Their sound is at once organic and electrifying, combining jazz roots with hard rock sensibilities in a way that does justice to both. On the plugged side, Great Caesar draws from bands like Sonic Youth and the Strokes, while its horns take cues from Spoon and RX Bandits. Together with the husky baritone of singer John-Michael Parker, the band has brought its gutsy sound and raucous energy to hundreds of audiences in and out of NYC, sharing stages with acts like Deerhoof, The Decemberists, Third Eye Blind, and Does it Offend You, Yeah.

Great Caesar began modestly as a jazz trio before gathering three more members, swapping instruments, and evolving steadily into the six-piece powerhouse they are today. Their studio offerings include a self-titled EP (2007) and a string of A-side singles (2010), which they continue to give away for free despite their growing popularity. First and foremost, however, Great Caesar is a live band, dazzling audiences with performances that are equal parts chaos and virtuosity. Fans have noticed, flocking in ever-growing numbers to shows across New England.

Today, Great Caesar strives to make music that is loud, live, and contemporary. The band’s recent move to Brooklyn continues to shape their eclectic sound, which they plan to spread across the country this year with new releases and many more gigs.

You can check the band out via there website here or discover their YouTube offerings (which we highly recommend!) here.

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Submitted by Claire on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 11:26

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