Music Vlog #1

Why I selected these bands...

Arcade Fire
At the recent Cherrybomb DVD Release Q&A in London, Rupert mentioned the festivals - Reading and V Festival - that he would be attending this year. He listed two bands that he would be checking out... Arcade Fire was one of them. After his experience at Reading, Rupert briefly spoke to the Reading Chronicle about his festival experience and was quoted as saying "Arcade Fire were amazing."


The Libertines
At the same Cherrybomb event (see Arcade Fire), Rupert mentioned that he would also be seeing The Libertines at Reading. The Reading Chronicle quotes him as reporting that the "Libertines were quite special." Carl Barat of The Libertines has expressed his love for the Harry Potter franchise, and Rupert's Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe is also a fan of the band. Very early in their career, The Libertines worked with Gwyn Mathias who worked with the Sex Pistols as well, a band Rupert has listed as a favourite. The Libertines have also covered - and stated that they've been inspired by - Oasis, the band Rupert named as "best band ever" in this interview.


The Kooks
The Kooks have been compared to Arctic Monkeys, a band that Rupert has listed among his favourites. There are many similarities between the two bands - they play similar styles of music and both bands began their successful careers while still in their teens.


Frightened Rabbit
In this interview with, a song by The Twilight Sad was played for Rupert. The Twilight Sad are also a Scotland based band and have a similar sound to Frightened Rabbit. In fact, the two bands are good friends and have toured together in the past as well as covered each other's songs.

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