Rupert Grint Talks to USA Today About his Post-Potter Roles

Following yesterday's preview of CBGB, USA Today published another article talking to Rupert Grint about his roles following the Harry Potter series. In particular, the notion that he has been picking "shocking" roles.

"It's not really that I am trying to shock people or make a big statement," says Grint, "It's just part of moving on."

Rupert also touches briefly on his upcoming stage role in Mojo, saying: "This is a completely new thing, a whole new level," says Grint. "It does scare me. That's kind of a reason why I want to do it."

Read the complete article, including his experience working with the real Cheetah Chrome.

Also, for all you music lovers, the official CBGB soundtrack will be available October 8th, according to IndieWire. The CD and a limited edition pink pink vinyl can be pre-ordered at this link.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Wed, 08/07/2013 - 12:24
USA Today Interviews Rupert Grint About 'CBGB'

Prior to the movie trailer premiere of "CBGB" on Entertainment Tonight this week, USA Today published a sneak peek article about "CBGB" and spoke exclusively to Rupert Grint about his role.

The complete article can be read here. Some choice quotes:

"I have always wanted to play a punk," says Grint, 24, who stars as rocker Cheetah Chrome in the historical drama CBGB (opening in limited markets Oct. 11). "It was really good fun."

"It was a real buzz. We actually felt like we were in a band, which is something I have always wanted to do, secretly," Grint says. "It was nice to have a little taste of that."

There is also a photo gallery with some stills from the movie, and additional quotes from Rupert:

Grint, a fan of the music, says he also loved the fashion. Even the dog collar. "Weirdly, I kind of got used to the collar. I kind of felt naked when I wasn't wearing it." 

Justin Bartha as Stiv Bators, the lead singer of The Dead Boys. On-screen bandmate Grint says, "We just played the music really loud, and we'd just go for it. And we'd get into all sort of disgusting things. It was a real buzz." 

Rupert Grint says Cheetah Chrome was on set for 'CBGB,' in which has has a cameo. "I spent a lot of time with him," Grint says. "He had loads of stories. I could sense the passion." 

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Submitted by Stephanie on Mon, 08/05/2013 - 17:44
Rupert Grint Signs on for Mojo

We're thrilled to confirm, as reported earlier today by the Daily Mail, that Rupert will be making his stage and West End debut in Jez Butterworth's play "Mojo".

Starring alongside Ben Wishaw (Q in Skyfall), Brendan Coyle (Mr. Bates in Downton Abbey) and Daniel Mays (Ronald Biggs in Mrs. Biggs), Rupert will play the role of Sweets, "who pops amphetamines like Smarties and does a sort of double act , full of comic menace, with Mays".

Ian Rickson, who both staged the original 1995 production of Mojo at the Royal Court and recommended Rupert for the role, told the Daily Mail:

"I’d seen the Potter films with my daughter and always thought Rupert was truthful as Ron Weasley. 

There’s something ordinary and centred about him, and in this world of Mojo you want that grittiness,’ Rickson told me.

He noted that he’d spoken to David Yates, director of the final four Potter pictures. Rickson recalled that Yates had told him Grint had ‘hidden depths’ as a thespian."

Rehersals will begin in mid-September and Mojo will run at the Harold Pinter Theatre from October 26.

Update: Priority booking for the play is now open! Sign up for more information at ATG Tickets.

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Submitted by Claire on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 16:43
Rupert Grint Takes Part in FHM Photoshoot

Another day, another photoshoot!

A photo surfaced on Twitter yesterday of Rupert Grint on the set of a photoshoot for FHM magazine. Instagram user neil_bedford also took a photo with Rupert. See both images below!


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Submitted by Stephanie on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 10:19
Rupert Grint to be Featured in Upcoming issue of Hunger Magazine

Hunger Magazine teased fans over the weekend with a video preview of their upcoming photoshoot and interview with Rupert Grint.

See it below, via Instagram!

A few other preview photos were published online by Instagram user virgyachilli, which can be seen at this link. Rupert's photoshoot and accompanying interview are expected to be published in Hunger Magazine's upcoming issue, due in September.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Wed, 07/17/2013 - 06:20
'CBGB' October Release Dates Confirmed

Back in May, we reported that "CBGB" was picked up for distribution in the U.S. and would be premiering during the CBGB music festival in New York City in October.

This week, more details were released and published by Hollywood Today.

"CBGB" will open in New York and Los Angeles theatres on October 4th. It will then expand nationwide the following week, Oct. 11th. A special screening will still take place at the CBGB music festival. 

So mark your calendars! We'll update with more info as we get it.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Fri, 07/12/2013 - 19:29
Report: Rupert Grint in Talks to Make Theatre Debut in "Mojo"

After a recent article from Daily Mail, Rupert has been said to be taking a new route in his acting career. In the article, Rupert took part in a reading for Jez Butterworth's West End theatrical production of "Mojo." 

"Mojo" is described as a "drama is set in a lowlife club in Soho in 1958 and focuses on a handsome rock singer with star potential who gets caught up in uncouth goings-on involving a gangster, club owner and band manager."

Other names included in the reading for the play are Ben Whishaw known from his James Bond movie appearances, Daniel Mays and fellow CherryBomb actor Robert Sheehan.

As there is no solid confirmation on this exciting news, keep checking back with us for updates!

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