Half-Blood Prince Updates

It has been confirmed today that there has been another release date change for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - don't worry, it's good news this time! ;)

Instead of being released on a Friday, the film will now be out in theatres on Wednesday, July 15.

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New Old Photograph

Just to distract you, while we wait for all the shiny new stuff that the Year of Grint will bring us, our attention has been drawn to a gallery of work by the photographer Murray Close, where, among lovely photographs of other actors and directors, we think we haven't seen this exact and lovely photograph of Rupert, before. It can be seen...

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Submitted by Lauren on Thu, 04/09/2009 - 17:50
Cherrybomb Trailer Now Online!

...Yes, you read that headline right!

After months of waiting, the final Cherrybomb trailer has now been made available!

This trailer contains a lot of new footage and clocks in at 1 minute 38 seconds. Not only do you get a preview of Cherrybomb, but also of the film's much-talked about soundtrack!

View it here!! |

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Blag Magazine to go on sale in US next week

For all you Rupert Grint fans residing in the United States and still waiting to get your hands on Blag Magazine, we're happy to let you know the magazine will be on sale beginning next week!

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A Note Re: Cherrybomb Trailer

Just a quick note for those of you wondering what happened to our Cherrybomb trailer post:

Unfortunately, the trailer that was posted last night has been taken down. It would seem this was not the final version (!) and was accidentally released. We'll of course keep you updated as the final trailer should not be too far off now...

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April Calendar and Fan Photo

Our April 2009 calendar has now been uploaded to the Graphics subsite. The theme for this month: Weasley is Our King!

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April Fools 2009


In an unexpected career move, British actor Rupert Grint has decided to add fashion designer to his resume.

After receiving glowing reviews for his unique red carpet style from fashion critics and fans alike, Grint decided it was time to create his own line and allow others to emulate his style. “These are outfits that can be worn by anybody: actors on the red carpet, male teens, and my pet dog. Fangirls can also dress their boyfriends and have their very own Rupert! Maybe we should expand into hair-dye next…”

Beginning in January 2010, the clothing line – aptly titled Red Envy – will be available in select department stores across the UK. These will include Harrods, Selfridges, and Kistna Poos. The line will begin with t-shirts, blazers, and jeans. Due to early demand, there are already plans for expanding with scarves, footwear, and sombreros.

The inspiration behind the name for the line came from Grint’s own envious ginger-haired locks. “This hair got me the part of Ron Weasley,” he says. “It’s only fair I pay homage. Plus, it just sounds cool.”

Grint is currently filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and says he hopes to juggle both his career as an actor and fashion designer. “If the Olsen twins can do it, why can’t I?”

Preview pieces of what the industry can expect have been released. They have already been described as “revolutionary” and “too good to be true” (oh, really?).


PREVIEWS: Blazer | T-Shirt #1 | T-Shirt #2 | Jeans

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