WT Video, HBP Scans

It's a little bit of both, today! Firstly, thanks to Lisa for letting us know about this video on YouTube which shows footage from the set of Wild Target, including filming outdoors and inside the Andaz Hotel. It's a really cool watch!

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Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 12:22
More Images from Wild Target Set

Even more images from the set of Wild Target have surfaced online! These were taken on the same day as the previous set (the 21st) outside of the Andaz Hotel in London.

Thumbnail-sized versions can be seen here. Unfortunately, at the moment, we were only able to get a hold of medium-sized tagged versions for the gallery.

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Submitted by admin on Tue, 09/23/2008 - 12:27
First Images from Set of 'Wild Target'!

Brace yourselves!

SnitchSeeker has gotten a hold of the first images of Rupert on the set of Wild Target. If you thought Rupert's look for Cherrybomb was a drastic change, well, think again!

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Submitted by admin on Sun, 09/21/2008 - 23:16
Downpour of HBP images!

When it rains, it pours!

UHP and HBPMoviePics have posted up exactly 53 new and unseen photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Of these 53, about 9 feature Mr. Ronald Weasley.

Apparently, these images are all coming from the 2009 German HBP calendar. Some of them are around thumbnail size, but the quality is good, none-the-less!

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Submitted by admin on Sun, 09/21/2008 - 02:04
Interview With Kimberley Nixon

Rupert's Cherrybomb co-star, Kimberley Nixon, is having a rather good year, and opens soon at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, in the West End in Girl With A Pearl Earring.

In an interview on Wales Online, she talks about filming Cherybomb:

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Submitted by Lauren on Sat, 09/20/2008 - 10:00
'Wild Target' Begins Filming

Well we're back after a few days of being offline (at last!), and come bearing plenty of news regarding the start of filming for Wild Target!

Filming officially began on Tuesday, the 16th, and Empire Online has a great write-up revealing further cast and plot details.

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Submitted by admin on Thu, 09/18/2008 - 12:35
Rupert at EA Games Golf Event (Now with HQ!)

We all know that Rupert loves playing golf - educational note : in the UK it's 'playing golf', not 'golfing' - and he was in attendance at the EA SPORTS Tiger Woods PGA 09 Invitational event on September 3rd at The Grove Golf Club, Hertfordshire - and guess why I am telling you this?

We have photographs of him, posing in his golf gear...

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Submitted by admin on Sun, 09/14/2008 - 13:09
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