Rupert Grint: "Be determined and believe in yourself."

In one of the most candid interviews we've seen, (a Dutch website focused on child-development) has released a new video, speaking with Rupert in his trailer on the Moonwalkers set.

In costume as Johnny, Rupert opens up regarding his shyness as both a child and now, into adulthood, saying:

"I was always quite a shy child but I found, when I went on stage, that I could hide behind a character. It was an escape for me to be someone else. It really does help your confidence to be able to mimic what you see."

When asked his advice for young people who want to find and pursue their passion in life, Rupert remarks:

"I'd say keep your determination, and try new things. I was very determined during the auditioning process [for Harry Potter] and so wanted to be a part of those any shape or form. I wanted to be noticed."

Rupert parts the segment with a touching, "You have to believe in yourself.", which is surely an affirmation we'd all do well to remember, from time-to-time :)

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Submitted by Claire on Sat, 08/23/2014 - 11:38
More Images of Rupert Grint in Character for It's Only a Play

With the beginning run of previews a mere 5 days away, promo for the Broadway production of It's Only a Play is kicking into gear.

Producer Ken Davenport yesterday snuck a tweet of this photo from the first day of tech, showing the cast in both costume and scene: also has a couple of new tidbits up, including a video introduction of the cast by non-other-than Nathan Lane and a new group shot, styled similarly to the teaser we saw for Entertainment Weekly last week:

(Click the pictures to view full-size!)

Previews for It's Only a Play begin Thursday, August 28 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre with an official opening night set for October 9th. Tickets are available online at Telecharge.

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Submitted by Claire on Sat, 08/23/2014 - 06:55
Cast of 'It's Only a Play' Praise Rupert Grint's Stage Chops

At yesterday's press day for 'It's Only a Play' - which has reached $8 million in ticket sales, by the way - Vanity Fair asked some of Rupert's costars to share their first impressions of his "stage chops."

Megan Mullally admitted she had never seen the "Harry Potter" movies and shared her story about their first meeting:

“…he was an absolute basket case for the first week or so. The first night when I met him, there was a little dinner, and he was standing outside, smoking a cigarette, and I was, like, ‘Are you Rupert?’ And he said he was, and he just instantly announced that he was terrified. I said, ‘Oh, you’re going to be great.’ He said, ‘I’m so intimidated.’ I said, ‘No, no. We should be intimidated with you.’” Mullally is pretty impressed with his work, so far. “I think he’s fantastic. I think he’s going to be great in this; he’s really good. Those goddamn Brits!”

Matthew Broderick added, "to see a young fellow get his first Broadway shot is just kind of a pleasure to watch."

Check out the rest of the article at this link. It includes additional quotes from Rupert, Nathan Lane, and reveals how Rupert was approached for the role.

ICYMI: also interviewed Rupert yesterday. Go Yankees!

As seen above, the cast of 'It's Only a Play' reenacted Ellen's Oscar selfie for Entertainment Weekly.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 15:54
Rupert Grint: Broadway Dreams Began with Mojo

This morning's press conference offered the chance for It's Only A Play's cast to speak openly about the project for the first time. has released the first video interview, giving each of the play's stars a chance to share their thoughts on the process so far.


Watch the full interview here (Rupert appears around the 7 minute 30 second mark) and read a transcript of his interview below:

Q: What’s it been like so far?

A: I still can’t really believe it. In rehearsal, just looking around the room and seeing these’s just really overwhelming. I’m very grateful and lucky to be a part of it.

Q: What made you want to come to Broadway and do a play?

A: I guess it all started with Mojo, a play I did in the West End. That was my first ever theatrical experience; before that it was just school plays and pantomimes. I really fell in love with theatre from that, it’s a very different way of acting. I absolutely loved it and I wanted more.

This script was so funny, and it was quite fascinating to have that inside look into backstage. I’ve never been to one of these parties [refering to the play’s staging] either! So it’s interesting for me.

Also, seeing the relationship between the creatives and reviewers, I think it’s interesting for an audience to see that.

I was hesitant with the cast, because they’re such amazing people, I didn’t feel that I was really worthy of it. It took a little while to convince myself that I could potentially keep up with them!

Access Hollywood was also on-hand to interview Rupert today. Giving an in-depth description of his character, Sir Frank Finger, Rupert describes the experience thus far, mentioning that the chemistry between Broderick and Lane is 'electric'.

During the interview rounds, Rupert also cited It’s Only a Play writer/director team Terrance McNally and Jack O’Brien as ‘really lovely, amazing people' adding that he is 'constantly in awe of everyone'. features a small snippet too, with Rupert describing his character Frank, saying:

"He's a very complicated, deeply troubled man. So it's something I've always wanted to try."

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Submitted by Claire on Tue, 08/19/2014 - 16:22
Rupert Grint Takes Part in Photocall and Press Conference for 'It's Only A Play'

This morning, the cast of Broadway's It's Only A Play convened at the Joe Allen restaurant in New York City to speak with the press. The official Twitter account tweeted some quotes from the event, but so far a complete transcript is unavailable.

In the meantime, we have 30 wonderful high-res photos added to the gallery. Have you ever seen so many great talents all sitting at one table!?



Previews for "It's Only a Play" begin Thursday, August 28 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre with an official opening night set for October 9th. Tickets are available online at Telecharge.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Tue, 08/19/2014 - 14:40
J.K. Charity Project Raffles Rupert Grint Prize

Light Up Jo's Birthday, an annual celebration for J.K. Rowling's birthday on 31 July, has partnered with Lumos, a charity founded by Rowling that is helping to end the institutionalization of children around the world.

Those who donate £5 or more will be entered to win the grand prize, consisting of:

And everyone who donates will be entered to win one of the following prizes: 

  • A one-of-a-kind sketch of Harry by Thomas Taylor, cover art illustrator for Philosopher's Stone
  • A one-of-a-kind sketch of Dobby by Jason Cockcroft, cover art illustrator for Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows
  • A signed copy of Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book by Andrew Williamson, concept artist on the Harry Potter films
  • A copy of ASOS magazine signed by Rupert Grint
  • A signed photo of Matt Lewis
  • A signed photo of Warwick Davis as Griphook, donated by The Signature Shop
  • An official House Scarf, donated by Warner Bros Studio Tour (remember to leave your House either with your name or in your comment if you'd like to be entered for this!)

£4,500 has already been raised, surpassing the original goal of £1,000. Ruperteers, let's raise that some more!

So, go on, and wish J.K. Rowling the happiest of birthdays by donating here

Thanks, Rebecca!

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Submitted by Corinne on Sun, 07/13/2014 - 17:16
Rupert Grint Attends F1 Qualifier at Silverstone

Keeping their love of racing alive and well, Rupert and his father Nigel were today spotted watching the qualifying races (and Hamilton's shock sixth place finish) for this week's Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone, alongside none other than Michael Fassbender.

See the images here.

As you may know, Rupert's brother James is an avid rally car racer, having taken part in this interview with Rupert a couple of years ago to discuss the sport.  

It's nice to see Rupert grab some down-time ahead of, what is sure to be, a grueling few months ahead of both rehersals and performances for It's Only a Play.

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