RG.net Exclusive Warner Bros. Wizard's Collection Review

Warner Bros. Advanced Digital Services has asked us at RupertGrint.net to review their latest and greatest release of special features in the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection. 

We more than happily agreed and delightfully share our insight on the bonus discs for you to get excited over.

The discs include never-before-seen material from the last two installments of Potter and details you never knew you could live without knowing. They also include some clips and special features we have seen previously, but who doesn't want to relive all of those exceptional moments?

Please enjoy our review and don't forget to order your own 31-disc and intricate goody-filled box set of the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection. 

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Submitted by Traci on Fri, 09/14/2012 - 07:49
RupertGrint.net Server Appeal

RupertGrint.net needs your help. Due to the rising costs involved in maintaining our servers and in an attempt to remain ad-free, we are unable to continue to self-fund these payments.

Why support RupertGrint.net? For the last ten years, we have served both Rupert's fans and family as the most trusted news source. As the Internet's #1 result for Rupert Grint on Google, we have been dedicated to bringing the fans set access and interviews from his films, on-hand reports from premieres and public appearances.

We are dedicated to remaining the best source for Rupert on the web. If you would like to donate any money, please follow the link:

If you would like to speak us regarding this appeal, please email staff@rupertgrint.net.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept checks, so please use PayPal if you plan to donate.

Thank you for whatever you can give.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Sat, 09/08/2012 - 07:51
Harry Potter Wizard's Collection Blooper Reel with Rupert Grint

The Harry Potter Wizard's Collection box set is released next week (31-discs of goodness!), and a behind-the-scenes clip from the special feautres includes a blooper reel of Rupert Grint having giggle fits on the set. Check it out below or at this link.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 07:59
Rupert Grint Attends Lodestar Music Festival

Rupert Grint attended the Lodestar Music Festival over the weekend to support his sister and her band, Ghost of Samantha, which you have seen exclusively on our site recently. Ghost of Samantha was one of this year's feature bands.

The photographers from Tazmania Studios were able to get a few pictures of Rupert at the festival signing autographs and having a good time supporting his sister.

We will continue to tweet fan pictures as the come in, but make sure you follow us and stay tuned on here for news.

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Submitted by Traci on Thu, 09/06/2012 - 23:17
Rachael Gallman covers The Ghost of Samantha for RupertGrint.net!

We have a fantastic new addition to our music section for you today! Musician Rachael Gallman has covered The Ghost of Samantha's new song "Einstein," exclusively for RupertGrint.net! We are honored to share this cover with you today!

Rachael was featured on RupertGrint.net back in May, and you can check out more of her music here!

Also, if you missed it, back in March, we featured Samantha Grint's music with a new page and Q&A in our music section. You can check it out here!

And now, "Einstein," as performed by Rachael! We hope you enjoy it!

Exclusive Covers: September 2012
"Einstein" by The Ghost of Samantha,
covered by Rachael Gallman

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Submitted by Aubrey on Thu, 09/06/2012 - 20:15
Into The White at Oldenburg FilmFest

Into The White will be showing at the Oldenburg FilmFest on September 14 in Germany. A page on Facebook has been created for the event by actor Florian Lukas. You can see the page here.

Into The White is also now available on DVD and Blu Ray in Norway. Included in the special features is an interview with the director, producer and cast. Check out the front and back cover on this page. Don't forget to get your copy!

As previously reported, Into The White (renamed Cross of Honour in the U.K.) will be released on DVD/Blu-ray in the U.K. on October 1 and you can pre-order here.

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Submitted by Celine on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 01:31
Final Design for Rupert Grint's Birthday Card

We hope you all liked the final design we unveiled on Friday for Rupert's online birthday card. As you may remember, we held a contest for a fan to design Rupert's card and we're happy to say the winner was Cindy H! Here's how she came up with the design:

I got the main idea when I looked at a few photographs of Rupert. On one of them he wore his t-shirt with the big eye (I wanted to use that) and a few others showed him carrying the Olympic torch. That’s when I thought it would be funny to let birthday candles (with big eyes!) use the Olympic torch to light themselves.
Finding a proper background was what took me the longest. After a while I decided that listening to some music might help.
So I turned on my “Ed Sheeran” CD and the moment I heard the first sound, I could see the finished picture right in front of me and knew exactly what I wanted to do! Just like magic!
I spent a lot of time creating all the different candles and somehow connecting them with Rupert.

Cindy sent us the individual images of the candles, which are pretty awesome. See them here.

We also wanted to showcase our runner-up's entry. This sleek design was made by Dionne S!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the birthday card design contest, and also our other two contests! We hope you had a merry Grintmas. :)

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Submitted by Stephanie on Sun, 08/26/2012 - 19:12
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