Unscripted Interview featured as Best of 2007

AOL Moviefone has featured their Unscripted interview with Rupert, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson in a montage of "The Best of 2007" interviews. More specifically, they have featured the part where Rupert and Emma discuss the possibility of Ron and Hermione getting together in the final book. Or, as Rupert put it, "Maybe one of [them] will die!" :P

We have also added some fan art from Meike and Dee to the gallery.

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Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/21/2008 - 08:16
First Set Report from HBP

A writer from Tiger Beat magazine was recently given the opportunity to tour the set of Half-Blood Prince and interview many of the actors! In a blog about her visit, she briefly touched upon what she saw, including some exciting new sets!

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Submitted by admin on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 08:14
Chamber of Secrets on TV Tonight, OOTP On Demand

Just a quick note for anyone looking for something good to watch on TV tonight: the Disney Channel in the US will be airing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at 9pm EST!

Additionally, those of you in the US with Comcast cable can now find Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Comcast's On Demand movie-ordering channel. The film is priced at $3.99 per showing.

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Treasure Hunt and 12 Days Competition Winners!

A big congratulations to Nikita and Alice who are our 12 Days of Christmas Driving Lessons DVD competition, and also to Tina, the winner of our massive Treasure Hunt Contest. A special shout out to Tina, who guessed the correct answer after only 5 clues!

Congratulations again to all!

Update: As requested, the Treasure Hunt Contest answers can be given by clicking "Read More" below :)

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New OOTP-Era Video, OOTP Wins PCA

Thanks to our Order partner EW.Net for letting us know about a new interview with Rupert and Emma from the Spanish news channel CNN 10!

The interview is dubbed in Spanish, but thanks to MikeWatson, we have a translation! Just hit the "read more" link to see it!

Rupert and Emma on CNN 10

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Fan Art, Images Added to Gallery; Rupert Gets into Character! (UPDATED)

While we unfortunately don't have anything big to report on just yet this year, we have added some great stuff to the gallery and have a cute video to share!

Fan Art by Mary-dreams: 1 | 2 | 3

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Enterainment Weekly Outtakes in HQ (UPDATED)

What an awesome way to start off the New Year! :D Yesterday, we were able to bring you the medium quality outtakes from Entertainment Weekly taken earlier last year.
Thanks to our friends at Emma-Watson.net, we now have great HQ versions!

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