Video: Rupert Grint Takes Part in Creative Content Summit Panel on Harry Potter

As we told you back in June, Rupert Grint joined Harry Potter producer David Heyman and Warner Bros. UK President Josh Berger at a discussion panel focusing on "Harry Potter: The magic behind a British-made global phenomenon." Video from the Creative Content Summit is now available and can be seen here. A few fan images were posted on Twitter and Tumblr this morning and are included below.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Tue, 07/31/2012 - 09:46
Rupert Grint Talks to Metro about the Olympics and His Upcoming Films

Metro recently caught up with Rupert Grint to talk about the Olympics, acting in low-budget films and what to expect from his upcoming films CBGB and The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. Some highlights are below - the complete interview can be read at this link.

On his character for Charlie Countryman:

"Shia LaBeouf plays a character who travels around the world. It’s quite a drug-fuelled journey and he meets various crazy characters along the way. I play a character he meets in a youth hostel. I can’t give away what he does but it was quite a transition for me."

On his interest in low-budget films:

"It’s a very different process to the huge machines of the Potter films. They’re more rough and ready and I feel part of the team. They don’t have the same weird hierarchy, which  I found uncomfortable.

On smaller films, you’re all in it together. It’s weird how actors are put on a pedestal – we’re part of the crew like anyone else and everyone has their job to do on a film set."

On portraying a real person for CBGB:

"Cheetah Chrome was actually on set. It’s the first time I’ve played a real person and there’s a pressure to get it right. I also have to play the guitar, which I can’t do – I was faking it. I learned the chords and rough shapes but you won’t see my hands too much in the film. It’s amazing he’s still alive, given the amount of drugs he did. He’s got a young son who was a big Harry Potter fan, so it was nice to meet him.

Cheetah had some advice about my performance and I had to get his voice right – he had quite a distinctive drug-affected mumbling voice and I had to do an American accent. We’re both ginger so look similar. Hopefully people will buy it."

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Submitted by Stephanie on Sun, 07/29/2012 - 07:01
Birthday Card Contest Extension: Win a Signed iPhone 4 Case!

Earlier this month we announced a contest for someone to design the front cover of our annual online birthday card for Rupert (see past examples from 2012 and 2008).

Although we've received many fantastic entries, we now have an equally fantastic prize to give away to the winner. So we felt it would only be fair for us to extend the deadline and let everyone know that whoever is chosen to design our annual birthday card for Rupert will receive one of these autographed iPhone covers (as showcased here on our Instagram last week).

The new deadline is July 31 at midnight EST.

All you need to do is send us an email at with some examples of your art work. The artist chosen will have until Rupert's birthday, August 24, to come up with a concept and design of the cover. The online birthday card will be open for all of your messages very soon! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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Submitted by Stephanie on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 12:51
Videos, Additional Images of Rupert Grint from Olympic Torch Relay

Following up yesterday's amazing coverage of Rupert carrying the Olympic torch, more videos have emerged along with some photos. View our complete gallery here, with over 60 images.

Rupert was nominated to carry the torch through Lloyds TSB campaign for his "extensive work with children’s charities across the UK. Rupert is actively involved with charities Starlight and the Make-A-Wish Foundation... He also spends much of his free time working with the Teenage Cancer Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)." And earlier today, Starlight tweeted:

Very proud of Olympic Torch Bearer Rupert Grint, carrying the flame for his work with

Indeed, we're all very proud! If you missed the full live stream yesterday, here is the video of Rupert's complete run with the torch:

Interview with Press Association:

Other Videos: Middlesex University official video | Footage & interview with The Telegraph

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Submitted by Stephanie on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 07:49
Rupert Grint carries the Olympic torch

This afternoon, Rupert had the honour of running with the 2012 Olympic torch as the flame makes its way closer to the Olympic Stadium and Friday's Opening Ceremony. 

Rupert spoke to BBC News about the "overwhelming" experience, and said that he hopes to remember it for ever. You can watch the video here.'s Lauren battled the sticky heat of an English summer to watch Rupert - in his ever-faithful Chucks - run with the torch from its afternoon start-point of Middlesex University. Judging by the amount of people calling his name, Rupert, rather than the torch, was the biggest draw for the crowds.

Harry Potter fansite SnitchSeeker have some fantastic photos, which can be seen below. Just click the thumbnails for larger versions. Thanks, SS!


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Submitted by Emma on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 11:13
Happy Birthday (our) Emma!

No, we didn't miss Happy Birthdaying you, my cuppiest of cakes - because it is still last night in American Samoa and the Midway Islands - thank you Samoa Standard Time - so we can wish you a huge happy birthday from everyone at RGN, with the bestest of wishes for the coming year.

You work ever so hard for the site, and your photographs are amazing and we love you to pieces.

And you'll probably get four(-ish) new Rupert fims, in the next year, so that cannot be bad!


I once chased my birthday for four hours, taking off from Moscow at just before midnight and then missing it over every European time zone until I landed at Gatwick!

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Submitted by Lauren on Fri, 07/20/2012 - 03:55 Exclusive Savannah Interview Drawing

During the interview in Savannah, Ga., Rupert was asked what movies would he watch for a day non-stop. He answered with explaining his interest in Wes Anderson movies. The Life Aquatic was one of them. We all know how he loves Bill Murray and in the movie he plays quite a funny character. So for part of the interview, while answering fan questions, he sketched Murray's character, Steve Zissou, without a picture or reference. Hope you all enjoy!










You can also see it in our gallery.

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