Rupert Grint to Voice Lead in New Animated Feature "Foosball"

Variety has today broken the news that Rupert will voice the lead character, Amadeo, in the English-language adaptation of Juan Jose Campanella's animated adventure "Foosball".

Amadeo is described as a "shy table soccer genius" whose foosball figures come to life, helping him save both his local town and childhood sweetheart from the clutches of a crazed soccer superstar.

The film opened this week's San Sebastián film festival and is in the final stages of production for English release, making it's debut at the London Film Festival on October 19th. The article also announces that Foosball will have its initial release in the U.K. 

With a jam-packed winter including CBGB, NDCC, Mojo and now Foosball, which project of Rupert's are you most excited to see?! 

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Submitted by Claire on Fri, 09/20/2013 - 10:04
First Enemy of Man Poster and Social Media Sites!

As things gear up across the board for many of Rupert's projects this month, the first poster for Enemy of Man has now been released, offering us another glimpse of Rupert in the role of Rosse.

Setting the tone of the movie, the accompanying caption reads:

"A war hero and the lure of ambition and descent into hell. An adaptation of Macbeth."

If, like us, you're dying to see more, the film's official website, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also now online.

Filming will begin in January with Rupert starring alongside Sean Bean as Macbeth. See more pictures, taken from filming for the trailer, here.

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Submitted by Claire on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 13:35
First Look: Rupert Grint in Hunger

DistrictMTV, MTV's official style website, has today released an exclusive peek from Hunger TV Issue 5, featuring Rupert.

As well as the new image above (furbies!) we're also given this snippet:

"Alongside all the Rankin-shot in the 'I Dare You' series of images, Rupert discusses his upcoming exploits in Hollywood. "I've got a couple of things coming out at the end of this year. The first one is a film called The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman in which I play an aspiring porn star. That's with Shia LaBeouf. And there's also CBGB, which is about the New York club CBGB that discovered loads of punk bands [...] I'm always looking for weird experiences and something completely different, and these two films definitely tick those boxes for me.""

Hunger goes on sale this Thursday.

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Submitted by Claire on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 07:38
Oo-oo-oo, Traci

Today our wonderful Media Manager, Traci - officially on record as the second woman to duet with Rupert - celebrates her birthday!


Traci caught up with Rupert twice last year, both on the set of CBGB in Georgia and the red carpet opening of The Making of Harry Potter in London a few months prior.

From all of us at, have the happiest of birthdays T. Thank you for making this such a fun place to be!

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Submitted by Claire on Fri, 09/13/2013 - 06:28
Rupert Grint in New Mojo Cast Promo

A new promotional image was released today featuring the starring cast of Rupert's new stage project Mojo (it's getting so close!):

The steely-eyed cast of Mojo, from left to right: Colin Morgan, Rupert Grint, Daniel Mays, Ben Wishaw, Tom Rhys Harries and, lead, Brendan Coyle

In the play, which revolves around rival gangs in 1950s Soho and its up-and-coming rock'n'roll scene, Rupert will take the role of Sweets, a junior gangster with an amphetamine addiction.

Rupert has said of the role:

"There are going to be expectations at my first stab at it. I’m trying not to think about it too much. It is something that really scares me. But part of it is I want to do something that scares me a little bit. It’s quite good to challenge yourself now and again."

Mojo opens at the Harold Pinter theatre in London's West End on October 26th; tickets are available for online purchase here.

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Submitted by Claire on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 17:08
The End of an Era: Thank you, Steph

Goodbyes are rubbish, aren’t they?

There’s a small handful of people has grown up with over years. 

Ones who have helped to, meticulously, guide both fans of Rupert and the staff here alike, through the siege of Potter promotion for each film, and who have an encyclopedic and endless knowledge of the last 12 years.

Ones who are, by all intent and purposes, the invisible support which means everything runs smoothly.

We are so sad, today, to be saying farewell to one of them.


Steph and I opened our first Rupert fansite,, together back in 2004.

After about three weeks, Steph was tasked with the general management of the site, entrusted with reporting the daily news and more. 

She was 14 at the time, and lended her guidance to both RupertOnline and, ultimately, for the next 8 years.

Looking back, if it had been anyone but Steph, that decision might have gone dreadfully awry.

It’s an understatement to thank her for her dedication to Rupert and his fans. And for knowing things when the rest of us...really didn’t. 

(In one of our earlier site interviews, she posed a question for Rupert about past filming schedules...and ended up correcting him.)


Thank you, Steph, for being one of the original ginger musketeers.

That's a lifelong membership which can’t be broken.

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Submitted by Claire on Fri, 09/06/2013 - 17:49
Enemy of Man to Start Filming in January

The Hollywood Reporter
has today confirmed that production on Rupert's next film project, a reworking of Shakespere's tradgedy Macbeth, will begin in January.

In Enemy of Man, Rupert is rumoured to be taking the role of Rosse.

When asked about the part last year, Rupert commented:

"It's a period, kind of epic, version with horses and Scotland. I think it’ll be really cool. I get to ride a horse, and it’s going to be quite gory. A gory film...I’m looking forward to that."

If true to the story, Macbeth's cousin, Ross, is a Scottish noble who eventually turns on Macbeth, choosing to side with Malcolm and the English forces. Sean Bean will play the titular role of Macbeth, with Harry Potter alum Dave Legeno (Fenrir Greyback) also cast as Angus.

You can see more promotional images, taken from the trailer filmed earlier this year in Buckinghamshire, here.

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Submitted by Claire on Fri, 09/06/2013 - 08:44
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