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Barbara, France
First, Happy birthday to you, Rupert ! You are a wonderful actor =) I hope that i would have, one day, the chance to meet you. <3. Barbara.

Barbara, France
First, Happy birthday to you, Rupert ! You are a wonderful actor =) I hope that i would have, one day, the chance to meet you. <3. Barbara.

marti, argentina
Darling rupert. already I spend(pass) your birthday but I cannot leave a message here. Though maybe never reed this because you prefer going out instead of reading persons' messages that do not know you and probably they all never say the same thing. But I want that you know that for me you are never going to be one more famous one. Because of all the pretty actors of the world (adam brody, ashton kutcher, tom cruise) vos sos the prettiest. I never saw a person to smile at the way that you it do. When in photos I see you smile, I smile. you are so sweet, so delicate, so different from all the rest actors. And though probably it seems that actually(indeed) i am in love with ronald weasley, it is not like that. Because in no part of the book it says that he dresses always with remere informal and bags. Not that it characterizes the originality and the sharm with the chambers. And sometimes also I wonder if i would be inspired love of you if you were living here, in Argentine, and you went to the same school that I. And I believe that yes. Because you are perfect. And I say to my friends that I am going to study very much to have a good work and to be able to follow you to where you should be that you go, in order that in some moment, though you say to me 'hello'. This it would be the prettiest moment of my life. Thank you for representing someone with whom I cried, with whom I laughed, to i shouted thousands times " kiss hermione, please, do it ' hahaha. thank you for doing it so well. Nobody in the world would be better than you for it. And, if in some moment you tought that the persons you want for your personage, or for being a good actor, I want that you know that here, in Argentina, you could to find the exception. I seem to be silly doing this, because I am almost sure that you are not going to read. But what would belong to the girls without the dreams? Hahaha. indeed I wish a happy birthday you. And if at some time I have the enormous luck of knowing the prettiest person of the world, I am going to say to you ' I am the one that left the message you in Internet '. I love you with the whole heart

Cori Alexis Martinez, United States
i hope you had the best birthday ever!!!

Jenna, U.S.
Rupert, You are a brilliant actor! Have a wonderful birthday, full of love, prosperity, and happiness!

Saoirse(sersha), uk, england
i think you're an amazing actor! have best 19th b-day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs and smiles saoirse x

Claudia, Italy
I speack English but I want to write you in Italian..! BUON COMPLEANNO RUP!!

dominique, holland
happy birthday!! you are the best actorrrrr ever «3 love you so much!! dominique

Meli, Buenos Aires, Argentina
rup! i hope you to read my message! first of all, happy birthday!! i hope you had really enjoyed your day : ) ! i love you, i love seeing harry potter movies because you are acting there.. please, go on acting, because for me you are the best actor in the world! =) kisses, and enjoy your b-day!

Camila (Luna), Chile
Blimey, Rup! youre 19! Happy B-day <3 youre so cool and gorgeous! hahahaha lots of love & ham xoxo,,

Sam Adler, USA
Happy Birthday! You are by far the best actor in the entire world. And by far the cutest, too. Happy 19th Birthday!!!!

Brooks Berlanga, California,U.S.
I LOVE RUPERT!!! Hope You Have an AWESOME 19th Birthday! Be Safe and HAVE FUN!

Namine <3, United States
Dear Rupert, A VERY Happy Birthday to you and many more! =) KEEP ON ROCKIN THE ACTING WORLD! Luv you much! <3, Namine

Luciana , Brazil
Rupeert! Happy B-day. I'm a big fan of yours, and well my english is horrible. eeer... I'm writing a letter to you and I pretend finish to translate this month. Kisses.

Saphia, USA
HAPPII B-DAY!! i hope you having a WONDERFUL TIME!!your a SUPER great actor!! thank you for making my life worth living [jk] happii 19th

Bruna Sousa, Brazil
Happy Birthday, Rupert! You really deserves be very happy. Keep being like you are, all your fans likes your style ;D Ohh, try to say that phrase in portuguese: Eu te amo ;D Have a great birthday party, ice-cream man!

Janaína Andrade, Brasil
Happy B-day Rupert. I wish everything good to you, and that one day I will meet you.

Sarah, France
Happy Birthday Rupert!!!!!!!!!

Marisa Tomé Dias, Portugal
H*Day Birthday Rup! Be happy, baby ;) Kiss*

Elizabete, Brazil
Happy Birthday Rupert! I wish all the happiness and love, and I really want you to be as good as you are now (If you understand me, of course!)... A huge kiss on the cheek ^^' And I'd like to see you here in my beloved Brazil... Best wishes! o/ I love youuuuuuu.... \o\

Vicky, France
Harry Birthday Rupert ! You're my favorite actor and you're so beautiful... I love you so much ^^ Kisses of a French... Victoria <3

ana, brazil
rupert, considering this gets to you, theres something id like to say. its your birthday and then it would be polite to say 'hey happy birthday, congratulations, now youre 19', and yeah, im gonna say that (ok, not gonna, already said). but... in fact i think youre sooo gorgeous that i should congratulate you every day, you know? i mean, just for being so hot. so, congratulations! =D

Fernanda Nelo, São Paulo, Brazil.
OW! Happy B-Day, Man! god.. Success and I want ice cream! :} HUGS :*

Nadalz, Russia
Happy birthday, Rupert! I wish you health, success, make all dreams come true and, certainly, more than interesting roles

Hanako, USA
Happy 19th, Rupert! You are the main reason I smile and laugh for the HP movies! I wish you much success (both personally and professionally) now and in the future!!

Riska , Indonesia
Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happpy birthday for you.... you are the best actow who i love you... happy birthday for you!!!!! :-)

Nicole, US
Happy Birthday, have a safe and creative day ;)

Noemi, US
Happy Birthday Rupert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandrita, India
Happy Birthday Rupert!!!!Keep up the good work !!!

michelle, canada
happy, happy birthday...keep up the good work...