» » Special Message from Lilly. Amazing artist who drew this "card!"
      Rupert: It was, some time ago, through the eyes of my now seven years old son, that I discovered you. Watching him repeating Ron´s lines made me look with more attention to your work!And then, I found one of my favorites characters in all literature and also a great young actor, who, now I know, is an adorable person!

And here I am, wanting to thank you on your birthday for all the wonderful things that are happening to me inside the HP fandom world, like to be the choosen one by RG.net to make your birthday gift!I hope you had the opportunity to watch my work, because it´s not easy to be original faced more than six thousand messages but, "if a picture says a thousand words" my drawings can show you all my tenderness for you!So, everyone of them plus this card, with the love from all the world included, it´s not a gift for your 19th Birthday, but for your lifetime! Happy Birthday and a wonderful year!!

» » Claire:
      Rupert, today is such a special day! Have a great 19th birthday and enjoy your last year of being a teen!

» » Stephanie:
      Quite honestly, I couldn't think of a better person to help run a fansite for! You're one of a kind, a fantastic actor, and I hope you have the BEST birthday EVER.....until next year, that is! ;)

We really hope you enjoy this card, as well. With now 7,000+ signatures, it's completely understandable if you're unable to read through all the messages! But what we really wanted to show you with this card is exactly how many fans and supporters you have worldwide. Pretty insane, huh!? :D

» » Kait:
      Happy birthday, Rupert! You're a brilliant actor and, as you can see, you have loads of dedicated fans! I hope you have more fun reading this card than we did editing it! haha! I wish you all the best! It was great interviewing you at the Los Angeles premiere! Hope you liked the golf balls! Cheers!

» » Kelei:
      Heylo Rupes! Happy Birthday!!! I cannot believe you're 19 already!! It really does seem like just a short time ago I was watching you on the CoS DVD. 4 years I've followed you, running a website for all your fans!! We truly mean it when we say 'Best Wishes' and that we hope you have a really great birthday. With love and huggles, Kelei xx

» » Special Message from Lely, who also helped design this "card!"
      Happy Birthday Rupert!

It´s really a pleasure to watch your work and I´m looking forward to see more of it. You have done such an amazing job bringing the character of Ron Weasley to life onscreen. Seeing you in Driving Lessons only confirmed what we all already knew , that you´re a great actor. Keep up with the great work. I wish you all the luck, health and happiness in the world! I hope you like the present! Have fun with the sixth Harry Potter movie.

» » Chiayu
      Wish you a BIG happy birthday Rupert!!! Chinese blessing "生日快樂" from Taiwan!!

» » Clélia
      JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE! Keep being as cool as you are and such a fab actor.

» » Jenna
      Happy 19th Birthday, Rupert!! Enjoy yourself on your big day! You definitely deserve it. Treat yourself to some of the sweets in your ice cream van, maybe? haha, just kidding. ;) Anyway, thanks for being so fantastic as Ron. I wish you all the best now and in the future. Hope you have fun filming HBP!

» » Yvonne
      Happy Birthday, Rupert!! Or as we say in Germany: "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag". May all your wishes come true. I hope you're going to have an awesome day! Enjoy your last teen year!

» » Amanda
      Hi Rupert! Just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy your 19th birthday, and that your day is a very special one. You're a talented guy who deserves every happiness. Here's to many more years like the ones you've seen already! Happy birthday!

» » Katherine
      Happy Birthday Rupert!! or ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! (Which ever you prefer ;] )

By the way,you are an amazing actor and the most down to earth guy EVER. :D Hope you enjoy your 19th birthday as much as you possibly can because as you know quite well, it only comes once!

» » Natasha
     Happy 19th Birthday Rupert!

I hope you had an incredible birthday filled with lots of love and happiness. It was nice seeing you in Toronto, Canada. I hope you come back one day to enjoy the scenery and events that Toronto has to offer. I think you are an incredible actor, with a very bright future ahead of you.

Once again, hope your birthday went well!