Open Again! (UPDATED!)

After almost a month offline, we're very happy to reveal to you all the new look

Our super-awesome new layout comes courtesy of my wonderful friend Sam - if you\'d like to send her your thoughts on this or request a design for your site, you can email us at the usual address (she accepts payment of free houses in the Caribbean, diamonds, expensive couture and dates with Justin Timberlake - a small price to pay, really). Also, we would not be back open at all if it were not for the efforts of Ben, Josh and Dafyd, who saved me from many-a-night of tearing my hair out - thank you guys!

As always, please bear with us whilst we fix the few existing bugs with the layout, we hope for the site to be running as per usual by the end of the week.

Lastly, two things. Kait has recorded a great new Mini RupertCast News to get you all caught up again with everything Rupert-related whilst we\'ve been gone.

Secondly, we have been made aware by Rupert\'s agent that, although he is considering some very \"interesting ideas\" at the moment with regards to new projects, nothing is concrete by any means. We will have more news on this for you as it develops.

So, back to business as usual... ;)

EDIT: We have now made it so that you do NOT need to register on the system in order to leave comments :)

Also, a big thank you to Karol over at Harry Potter Deluxe for sending over an new-old picture of Rupert with Ricky Wilson of the band Kaiser Chiefs from the 2006 NME Awards. You can view the picture here.

Thanks Karol!

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Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/28/2008 - 14:50

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