RGN Contest : Rupert Grint in Into the White

It has been an awfully long time since we ran a contest for you chaps – probably since the heady days of Cherrybomb.

I know we have all been keeping an eye on Norwegian Tweets and waiting and waiting for Into the White to start to hit cinemas, and this is the perfect moment to bring our contests back.

As you know, Into the White is receiving its World Premiere on March 4th at Filmfest Oslo and Rupert will be in attendance.

This obviously called for a RupertGrint.net contest, so we told our friends at Filmfest Oslo what we wanted to do and they gave us two tickets to the World Premiere as a prize.

One Loki winner and a friend will win the tickets, and be amongst the first people in the world to hear Rupert's Scouse accent see Rupert's new film!

As is only Freyja, we will be selecting our winner by prize draw, not by judging their entries.

I am going to stop the Norse puns, now, because I can’t think of anything for Odin.

Now, I know you all want to see it, but we simply cannot fly you in from all over the world and Norway took such good care of cast and crew when they were filming, and this is their World Premiere, so the contest is only open to people in (or able to reach) Oslo.

As you know, the World Premiere is on Sunday March 4th at 6pm, at Folketeateret, Storgata 21, Oslo.

If you absolutely - and I cannot stress this highly enough - CAN be there and you want to be there, then click this handy e-mail link and I will add you to my spreadsheet.

Yes, I can be in Oslo on March 4th!

On Monday evening I will number all entries and another RGN staff member will use Random.org to select a winner.

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Submitted by Lauren on Sat, 02/25/2012 - 04:15

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