Preview Into the Wizarding World
March 2010: gets a sneak peek at Rupert's involvement with the Orlando-based Wizarding World of Harry Potter!


2009 Half-Blood Prince US Premiere
July 9, 2009: Footage, photos, and a complete report from the New York premiere of Half-Blood Prince! Staffers Steph and Lorena were on hand to report back to the fans.


2009 Half-Blood Prince UK Premiere
July 7, 2009: staffers Lauren and Emma report for you straight from the red carpet of the Half-Blood Prince UK Premiere (despite the torrential rain)!


2009 Berlinale Film Festival
February 8-9, 2009: Cherrybomb  had it's world premiere, and was there to catch the film, attend the Q&A, interview Rupert and loads more!


Interview with Daragh Carville
Published January 19, 2009: Check out our interview with the writer of Cherrybomb. Key questions about Malachy, the film as a whole, British cinema, and Daragh's view on Rupert as an actor.


2007 National Movie Awards
September 28, 2007: Harry Potter dominated this award show, and staffers were on hand to share their experience with reports and videos!


Rupert Responds to Birthday Project
September 21, 2007: In August '07, put together an online birthday card for Rupert's birthday. A month later, we received an awesome response and photo!


Los Angeles OoTP Premiere
July 8, 2007: Just a mere five days after our London interview with Rupert, Kait and Stephanie caught up with him again on the red carpet of the LA premiere.


London OoTP Premiere
July 3, 2007: Kelle and John Noe from sat down with Rupert just before the premiere, to talk about Harry Potter love triangles, theories for book seven and more!


The 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival
August 26, 2006 : Claire and Kelle are on hand to bring you the latest from the special British Gala screening of Driving Lessons. Included is our first ever one-on-one interview with Rupert and a special video message to the fans!


The 2006 Empire Awards
March 13, 2006 : Jeannette and Kelle are at it again with some exclusive photos and videos of Rupert and other members of the HP cast. Included is a quick video message from Rupert!


Dublin International Film Festival
February 20, 2006 : Ciaran attends the first screening of Rupert's second non-Potter film, Driving Lessons, and participates in the public chat with Julie Walters.


The 2006 Orange BAFTA Awards
February 19, 2006 : Jeannette braves the London rain (again!) to bring you a first hand account of the BAFTA red carpet happenings.


Interview with David Decio
Published January 29, 2006: We interview Rupert's stand-in/body double for Harry Potter and Driving Lessons.


The Goblet of Fire World Premiere
November 6, 2005 : Check out our exclusive pictures and banner from the night's events!

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