Rupert Grint: Broadway Dreams Began with Mojo

This morning's press conference offered the chance for It's Only A Play's cast to speak openly about the project for the first time. has released the first video interview, giving each of the play's stars a chance to share their thoughts on the process so far.


Watch the full interview here (Rupert appears around the 7 minute 30 second mark) and read a transcript of his interview below:

Q: What’s it been like so far?

A: I still can’t really believe it. In rehearsal, just looking around the room and seeing these’s just really overwhelming. I’m very grateful and lucky to be a part of it.

Q: What made you want to come to Broadway and do a play?

A: I guess it all started with Mojo, a play I did in the West End. That was my first ever theatrical experience; before that it was just school plays and pantomimes. I really fell in love with theatre from that, it’s a very different way of acting. I absolutely loved it and I wanted more.

This script was so funny, and it was quite fascinating to have that inside look into backstage. I’ve never been to one of these parties [refering to the play’s staging] either! So it’s interesting for me.

Also, seeing the relationship between the creatives and reviewers, I think it’s interesting for an audience to see that.

I was hesitant with the cast, because they’re such amazing people, I didn’t feel that I was really worthy of it. It took a little while to convince myself that I could potentially keep up with them!

Access Hollywood was also on-hand to interview Rupert today. Giving an in-depth description of his character, Sir Frank Finger, Rupert describes the experience thus far, mentioning that the chemistry between Broderick and Lane is 'electric'.

During the interview rounds, Rupert also cited It’s Only a Play writer/director team Terrance McNally and Jack O’Brien as ‘really lovely, amazing people' adding that he is 'constantly in awe of everyone'. features a small snippet too, with Rupert describing his character Frank, saying:

"He's a very complicated, deeply troubled man. So it's something I've always wanted to try."

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Submitted by Claire on Tue, 08/19/2014 - 16:22

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