Rupert Grint Chronology: April - June 2004

12 April 2004: Promo is about to kick-off for Prisoner of Azkaban and we get our first look at Rupert's long, shaggy hair style! A commercial airs on ABC announcing that the trio will host an extended edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as well as give a first look at the 3rd Potter film.

14 April 2004: Two new international posters are released for Prisoner of Azkaban.

15 April 2004: Prisoner of Azkaban officially receives a PG rating amid fears that the series was becoming 'too dark' and would get bumped to a PG-13.

19 April 2004: The posters keep coming in! But this one's extra special because it features Ron all by himself!


24 April 2004: Rupert and his co-stars Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson are featured in YM magazine (now defunct). The spread gave us some of these fun and playful shots of Rupert! (Gallery link)

29 April 2004: In an interview with the Manila Times, Dan Radcliffe reveals he and Rupert once built a crazy golf course:

Q:Can you tell us about your friendship with Emma and Rupert?
Daniel:The bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger. We do have arguments—err, heated discussions—I mean. We never argue! Okay, we do argue sometimes, about stuff like making a crazy golf course out of card-board. There is a circular saw in Rupert’s room at the moment which I got. I’m like the scrounger, I can get you anything.

May 2004: Scholastic published a lengthy interview with Rupert in which he talked about the owls on set, revising for his GCSE exams, and starting to play golf. Excerpt:

Scholastic: Was there any scene with the owls that was particularly funny or surprising?

Rupert: Well, when we were in the car with the twins, Fred and George, I don't remember how, but the owl pooped on Fred, on one of the twins, and it stank out the back of the car because it's quite a small tight car and really hot. It stank.

Scholastic: That sounds like no fun at all. So what's your favorite part of this new movie?

Rupert: I did a really cool stunt on this one. It was like . . . I got dragged. They put this harness on my leg. It was when the dog dragged me into the tree. It was really fun.

7 May 2004: A cool new photo of the trio appears in Teen Vogue. The graffitti in the background was actually done by them! (Gallery)


8 May 2004: The LA Times publishes a feature on Rupert and his co-star Emma Watson. Along with a new interview, there was also a great photoshoot with the two. Excerpt:

Grint, who will be 16 in August, admitted it was hard to adjust to another director after two films with Columbus. "But Alfonso was great. He was into us having a say about things. He wanted us to customize our school uniforms. He thought it would look different, for instance, if we all wore differently knotted ties.

 "So I did mine a bit scruffy. I had my shirt half untucked, the top button of my shirt undone." He pauses for effect. "A bit like I wear my real school uniform, actually. Dan was a bit tidier than me, but Emma being Hermione, everything was perfectly done up."

9 May 2004: A behind-the-scenes special airs on ABC hosted by the trio. Video below!

21 May 2004: A few days before the world premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban, Rupert was spotted out in NYC enjoying some music at the Z100 concert. (Gallery link)

23 May 2004: The world premiere of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. (Image Gallery)

25 May 2004: The Sun was granted an exclusive interview with Rupert where he talks about the beginnings of an "awkward romance" with Emma's character Hermione. Accompanying the article was an adorable pic of Rupert with his dog, Ruby!

Rupert said: “There were some awkward scenes. There was a lot of hand-holding between me and Hermione. There were hugs as well but they got cut out.”

In the books Ron and Hermione do not hold hands until the fourth novel, The Goblet Of Fire.

Rupert said: “It’s weird doing romance. I’ve never been attracted to playing a romantic lead.”

30 May 2004: The Prisoner of Azkaban promotional train rode into London for the U.K. premiere. (Image Gallery)

31 May 2004: Prisoner of Azkaban is released in U.K. cinemas.

4 June 2004: Prisoner of Azkaban is released in U.S. cinemas.

11 June 2004: In an article from Entertainment Weekly, director Alfonso Cuaron is quoted as saying the following about Rupert and caused a lot of controversy among fans:

“Rupert is not with us.  He is in a happier place called “Rupertland”.  He’s a little like Chauncey Gardiner from ‘Being There’.  Is he a genius… or is he a fool?”

26 June 2004: Rupert attends the Japnese premiere and press conference for Prisoner of Azkaban. (Premiere gallery) (Press Conference gallery)


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