Rupert Grint Chronology: January - March 2005

8 January 2005: DirectTV airs a Making of the Prisoner of Azkaban special which features some great behind-the-scenes footage, including Rupert playing golf!


14 January 2005:  Entertainment Weekly published a short preview for Goblet of Fire, taking note of the raging hormones experienced by the young cast:

He's faced giant snakes, ghastly Dementors, and the minions of the villainous Lord Voldemort. But teen love? Now there's a menace worthy of Harry Potter's mighty wand.

"Hormones are indeed raging. It's like The O.C. here," reports producer David Heyman from the set of Warner Bros.' fourth Potter film. Both Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and pal Ron (Rupert Grint) start seeing the opposite sex in new ways.

Fans can also anticipate fire-breathing dragons, an underwater rescue, and a killer hedge maze--and we mean killer. "It's fantastic," raves 15-year-old Radcliffe. "I can't wait to get the videogame for this one."

7 February 2005: In an interview with French magazine "One," Rupert admitted that he had yet to finish reading the latest Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix.

You said, "according to something I heard." So you haven't read Order of the Phoenix?
Well...I tried, but didn't finish. At the moment, I'm only on the third chapter. I'm quite lazy, as I think you already realized. [laugh]

What do you think will happen in regard to Ron's love life?
Everyone expects that Ron and Hermione will go out, but I don't think that would be an effective finish. I must say that this idea doesn't delight me... At the moment, I have no desire to play the romantic scenes. I already had a lot of trouble with certain scenes in Prisoner of Azkaban in which I had to hold Emma's hand, then be embarrassed.

8 February 2005: Word began to spread that Rupert was in negotiations to shoot an indie called "Driving Lessons" inbetween Potter commitments.

11 February 2005: Rupert is named a judge for the First Light Film Awards - an organization honoring short films made by children between the ages of 5 and 18.

17 February 2005: Rupert does the voice of Nigel Molesworth in the BBC Radio programme "Down with Skool." Audio of which can be listened to here!

7 March 2005: BOGIES! Rupert celebrates Red Nose Day in the U.K with an appearance on Dick 'n' Dom's Comic Relief game show. Does Rupert win? Find out by watching the video below!

19 March 2005: The Phillipine Daily Inquirer visted the set of Goblet of Fire and Rupert spoke to them about the type of fanmail he receives:

"I saw loads that just came; it has gone quite a little bit more. And I do read them." His voice has become noticeably bigger. "The most interesting things are the gifts that people send me. I get quite a lot of pajamas (laughs). It's a bit weird."

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