Rupert Grint Chronology: January - March 2004

23 January 2004: Some lovely new high resolution photos are released including Harry and Hermione helping an injured Ron and the trio peeking behind Hagrid's hut.

24 January 2004: Real Access airs new interviews with Rupert and his co-stars from the set of Prisoner of Azkaban.

27 January 2004: Fans who had sent fan mail to Rupert in the past received some positive replies in January! Either one of these two new photos of Rupert that were taken at Leavesen Studios found their way to mailboxes around the globe.



1 February 2004: Harry Potter madness took over the Super Bowl! A new commercial aired for Prisoner of Azkaban while Rupert and Emma made a special appearance on the Nickelodeon Super Bowl special – watch them get slimed!

12 February 2004: It was in 2004 that the rumours of Rupert playing Tintin first originated. It was also this same year that the rumors were debunked for the first time… Since then the rumors persisted for years, but have died down recently now that filming has actually begun and the role went to Jamie Bell.

17 February 2004: The first footage from a trailer for "Prisoner of Azkaban" airs on Film 2004 hosted by British personality Jonathan Ross.

22 March 2004: A USA Today article talks about the budding relationship between Ron and Hermione:

The hormonal changes that come with being a teen will be visible on screen, and they're also evident in exchanges between the young actors on the set. There's much discussion of crushes and break-ups. Watson interrupted an interview to share a whispered gossip with a crewmember about a cute guy.

When Hermione takes Ron's hand in a scene, Watson makes a quintessential 13-year-old grimace. The movie called for "some embarrassing hugging to be done. With Ron (Rupert Grint). We have kind of a love-hate relationship."

27 March 2004: Yet another new trailer debuted on the official Harry Potter website!

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