Rupert Grint Chronology: July - September 2006

7 July 2007: Rupert is featured in an extensive spread in Brazil's SMACK magazine about Driving Lessons and Order of the Phoenix. Scans available here; unfortunately the translation is no longer online. But what was extra cool about this feature was that SMACK mentioned's special 18th birthday project for Rupert!

25 July 2006: Rupert was the "mystery guest" on the British show, A Question of Sport for Sport Relief. The Queen's granddaughter, Zara Philips, guessed he was Ron Weasely, but didn't know his real name. Stephen Fry (who was the chairman) described him as "a very talented young actor." Screencaptures here.

18 August 2006: A trailer for Driving Lessons premieres ahead of its UK release.

24 August 2006: The Daily Record in Scotland publishes a new interview with Rupert on his 18th birthday. Rupert talks all about learning how to drive and a near accident he caused on the set of Driving Lessons.

"Part of the reason I signed up for this film was that I was really looking forward to driving a car.

"I did have one near crash. There was one little hill where I was supposed to drive up and stop, and I forgot to put on the handbrake, and it started to roll toward the camera.

"It was a close run thing but I managed to stop the car before it collided with the crew."

26 August 2006: A few days after Rupert's 18th birthday, site owner Claire had the opportunity to interview the man himself while he was in Ediburgh promoting Driving Lessons at the annual film festival! Read the complete transcript HERE. And see a special video message Rupert recorded for the fans:

26 August 2006: Check out the galleries below for more photos from the Driving Lessons Edinburgh premiere and photocall with co-star Julie Walters!

EIFF Film Premiere gallery

Edinburgh photo call gallery

4 September 2006: Just days before its UK release, Driving Lessons had yet another premiere in London, along with a photocall.

London Photocall

London Premiere Gallery

8 September 2008: Driving Lessons is released in cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland! To help promote the movie, Rupert took part in several interviews. Check them out below:

Rupert Grint - 7 Sep 06

Interview with Digital Spy

How is it being reunited? You're spending a lot of time together at the moment.

J: Yes, yes, we're going to get engaged! You heard it first here!

Did you know that you were both involved in the film when you accepted?

J: I knew Rupert was.

R: I had heard rumors, yeah, so that appealed as well.

Was it nice having someone familiar with you?

R: It's quite scary going onto a new set. Obviously I'm only used to the same crews, the same people, for six years, yeah. It was's the first thing I've done from that side, really, it was good to have a taste of that.

A bit of a protective mom?

J: Yes, yes, you do feel a bit like that...Rupert and the other boys, the twins, little Ginny and everything, they do seem a bit like the children. A little bit.

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