Rupert Grint Chronology: November 2001

...was when it all really began for Rupert, and his first film venture "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was released amongst a world media frenzy!

1 November 2001: In a great start to an even greater month, AOL released more links to a third and final trailer. However, much of the footage had already been seen in the two previous trailers and the recent slew of TV commercials. Only those with eagle eyes would notice a new glimpse of Hermione trapped in the Devil's Snare, Harry and Ron playing wizard's chess, and Harry shoving his wand up the troll's nose!

3 November 2001: UK publication The Sun have a world exclusive sneak-peak at the Philosopher's Stone movie, praising the film's three leads:

'But the real stars are Rupert, Emma and Daniel - who never put a foot wrong as our three heroes.'

4 November 2001: Today marked world premiere day for Philosopher's Stone in London, England! Arrivals began on the red carpet between 3.30 and 5pm. Here Rupert had his first live encounter with many of the world's press who were only too eager to catch a word with the stars of the film:

[Complete Gallery] | [Video Download]

6 November 2001: TIME magazine publish their feature article on Philosopher's Stone entitled "The First Look at Harry". Though the article itself doesn't mention much about Rupert, they do publish a rather sweet picture of him as Ron!:

9 November 2001: RAI TV airs a great interview with Rupert, when host Vincenzo Mollica speaks with him about his favourite moments from the Philosopher's Stone movie:

[Video Download]

10 November 2001: Katie Couric airs a half-hour special titled "Harry Potter: Behind the Magic", taking a behind-the-scenes look at the set of Philosopher's Stone and meeting Rupert, Emma and Dan (who are all in costume!). Rupert shows her around the Gryffindor common room, introduces her to some of the props used in the film, including Ron's pet rat Scabbers, and explains how he won his role.

[Download Part 1] | [Download Part 2]

11 November 2001: This was US premiere day for Philosopher's Stone (entitled Sorcerer's Stone for US audiences familiar with the first HP book of the same name). Taking place in New York, Rupert once again chatted with the media about the film:

[Complete Gallery] | [Video Download]

12 November 2001: interview the trio; Rupert, Emma and Dan, on how they got their parts for the Philosopher's Stone film. See the interview here or download it here! Also, release a new interview with Rupert, taken at the Philosopher's Stone press junket:

[Video Download]

13 November 2001: Rupert and Emma appear on the Today Show, where they talk to host Katie Couric about the madness of the UK and US premieres, the filming process of the movie and how they each relate to their characters Ron and Hermione. See the interview here, download it here or see screencaps here.

14 November 2001: The Harry Potter cast appear on stateside talk show the "Rosie O' Donnell Show"; check out two very cute videos of an interview with Rupert and cooking session of the cast here and here (or alternatively download the clips here).

16 November 2001: Philosopher's Stone opens in the UK and US (amongst more countries) and breaks world-records to have the highest single-day take ever with $31.7 million dollars in the US alone! By the end of it's opening weekend, it had taken an astonishing $90.2 million dollars - smashing the previous record held by The Lost World: Jurassic Park with $78.1 million.

"Presto! A Winner"

'Rupert Grint does some show stealing as Harry's classmate Ron, a young man from a poor family.'

"Harry Potter Has It's Charm"

'Harry's unprepossessing sidekick Ron, Rupert Grint steals nearly all their scenes together, despite being made virtually the same height as Harry, presumably not to upstage him (in the book, Ron is taller).'

[Read the rest of the film's reviews]

16 November 2001 (cont.): IGN releases a new interview with Rupert, chatting about his first time in the US, how he got the part of Ron and what he's most looking forward to filming in Chamber of Secrets!

[Video Download]

19 November 2001: People Magazine publish a print article on the Philosopher's Stone film and it's stars, with the following on Rupert:

'Easygoing Grint was a good foil for Daniel Radcliffe, with whom he became tight pals, says costar Robbie Coltrane. “Daniel is quite a serious wee boy, whereas Rupert is very rock and roll,” he says.

Rupert Grint, upon meeting Harris, promptly announced, “‘I think you’ll be quite good in this part,’”Harris recalls. “A little 12-year-old telling me I’ll be good for the part! Smashing.”'

21 November 2001: Hello! Magazine publishes a 5 page photo spread on the Philosopher's Stone movie. Got a scan? Send it in!

27-30 November 2001: Promotion continues for the film, as it is gradually released worldwide. Check out our Philosopher's Stone section in the Filmography for more film information and facts!


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