Rupert Grint Chronology: October 2001

There was a month to go before Rupert's big screen debut in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and scores of interviews with the cast were being published. The media blitz had begun!

"We're off to see the wizards", Nickeolodeon Magazine
Q: What’s your favorite thing about Ron?

A: He’s really funny. And you also kind of feel sorry for him because he’s always got on hand-me-downs.

Q: What stunt did you most enjoy doing?

A: I was on a wire and I was dropped from really, really high up into the Devil’s Snare. It was fun, so I liked it when we had to do more takes.

"Interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, & Emma Watson," Sunday Times Magazine
When Rupert Grint, 13, from Hertfordshire, read the Harry Potter books, he imagined that the family of Ron Weasley were his family.

He loved Ron (Harry’s best friend), and when he heard that Warner Bros. was casting for the role, he had to have it.I lived the books, and I knew the Weasleys inside out,' he says.

'There is a warmth about Rupert, which is absolutely part of the character of Ron,' says the casting director, Karen Lindsay-Stewart.

22 October 2001: US magazine TV Guide feaures Rupert as Ron on this week's cover. It was one of four covers released by TV Guide for fans to collect!


"Film Won't Ruin Books", CBBC Newsround
But even the excitement of getting the part didn’t compare with the start of filming.

'When I walked into the Great Hall for the first time, it was absolutely incredible.'

'There were all these effects, with all the candles floating, food on the table, all the flamboes were lit – it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life.'

And you won’t be so surprised to hear that Rupert’s favourite part of the film is where Ron gets to hog the limelight for a while.'The chess scene was pretty difficult – there was loads of dust everywhere. But all the way through the film, Harry’s been doing all the brave stuff. So Ron was really happy, because that’s his fave thing – chess.'

29 October 2001: And to accompany the above Newsround article, there also came this first video interview with Rupert in the Great Hall!




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