Rupert Grint Chronology: October 2002

October was filled with press conferences and interviews for Rupert and his co-stars. But the big story of the month was probably the trio's first ever appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

10 October 2002: The final poster for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is released!

13 October 2002: The now out-of-print Disney Adventures magazine published a funny interview for their November issue!

"Disney Talks to Rupert Grint," Disney Adventures

What's the secret to laugh or cry or be scared on cue?

Well, my character doesn't really laugh or cry all that much. But to act scared, I think of something scary, like maybe a teacher I had. Although then I might get too scared!

What other role did you want to play?


I think Malfoy would be cool. He's completely different from Ron - not very nice.

If you had a magical power, what would it be?

I'd like to be invisible; that would be cool. I would probably use it to sneak out of [school] detentions.

17 October 2002: Official Interview

"Interview with Rupert Grint,"

Do you and Dan get on as friends?

Oh, yes, we get on really well. I get on really well with Emma too, we've all become great friends. There are lots of new people, too, in the second film, which makes work fun. Kenneth Branagh who plays Lockhart is so nice and so funny and then there's Bonnie Wright who plays my little sister Ginny and there's Hugh Mitchell who plays Colin Creevey. They're all great.


How did you feel shooting the Spider's Hollow scenes? Are you afraid of spiders?

I hate them, they are so scary. I don't like them at all. And that scene with all the spiders and the four tonne spider Aragog really didn't help my fear.

22 October 2002: One of the first press conferences was held in New York City with one of the first looks at Rupert's shorter hair-do!

"We're Hanging with the Harry Potter Trio," A Girl's World

AGW: Could you describe some of your special effects sequences?

Rupert: Coughing up the slugs was probably my favorite scene because I had to try out all these different flavored slime. There was orange, lemon, peppermint, chocolate and it made them taste really nice so I really enjoyed it.


AGW: There is a great line in this movie from Kenneth Branagh, "Celebrity is as celebrity does". All you guys are celebs. Can you talk about your experience in the last year becoming a celebrity?

Rupert: Yeah. Getting recognized is pretty cool. One time I got recognized up a mountain when I went to Switzerland and that was cool.

"We're Having a Wizard Time," The Telegraph

Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) have spent the past few days in America doing what sightseeing they can, although it has had to be fitted in around interviews and television appearances.


'I did see the Empire State Building and I met Robin Williams,' Rupert tells me, when I catch up with them in Chicago. They are due to appear on America's top-rated daytime talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and I am immediately struck by how much more self-possessed they are than when they gave their first interviews a year ago.

25 October 2002: The stars of Harry Potter return to the UK for one final press conference before the premieres!


"Chamber of Secrets Press Conference Goss," CBBC Newsround

How much has life changed for you?

Rupert: I think it's cool being recognised. Although I have tried setting up disguises but the never work!


What's it like going back to school?

Rupert: It was fine. My friends were all really normal with me, but my teachers suck up to me a bit!

"Potter stars: We want to do more films!" CBBC Newsround

The film's director Chris Columbus had said he didn't think they would continue after the Prisoner of Azkaban, because of it being such hard work.But speaking at a press conference in London, all three said they hoped to continue.

'I'd like to do more,' said Rupert. 'Maybe up to number five. We have such a good time doing them.'

"BBC Interview with Rupert Grint," BBC News

How did you like the action scenes in the movie?

For me the stunts are so cool, they're one of my favourite things when we're doing the film. Doing the car scene was great, it was like being in a theme park ride.


Which scenes did you like filming most?

My favourite scene was the slug scene [in which Ron regurgitates giant slugs]. I loved doing that scene because I had all this different flavoured slug slime... there was chocolate, peppermint, orange, lemon, and it made them taste really nice.

29 October 2002: The trio's taped appearance on the hugely popular Oprah Winfrey show finally airs! Unfortunately, due to copyright rules, we cannot upload the video to YouTube. However, all 6 parts are up for download HERE at our media site!


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