Rupert Grint Chronology: October - December 2006

8 October 2006: Promotion for Driving Lessons is in full gear! Parade magazine published an interview, "In Step with Rupert Grint" along with some new photos.

What is your secret claim to fame?

I am famous for losing things—especially my mobile phone, which I seem particularly good at losing on the golf course at the moment.

What is your favorite song?

I don’t really have one favorite because I enjoy a lot of stuff. I like Artic Monkeys, Parklife and Blur.

What’s your favorite food?
Probably Hawaiian pizza, because it really fills you up and it's easy to cook or heat up. Or, if I’m feeling really lazy, I can just order one in.

13 October 2006: Driving Lesssons is released in the U.S.

16 October 2006: A new interview was published on along with video.

19 October 2006: Interview with Reelz Channel - Rupert takes the host for a spin in a Mini Cooper!

23 October 2006: From videos to a radio interview - Rupert is a guest on the show "Beyond the Subtitles." Listen to the interview here.

26 October 2006: The Bay-Area Reporter has a nice lengthy profile on Rupert and Driving Lessons. Read it here.

Driving Lessons "is a much more grownup film," said Grint. "We just sort of film around London. Harry Potter's got all these amazing sets and big studios, it was quite hard to get used to this much smaller sort of environment: no special effects, no blue screen sort of dragons."

Of his first adult sex scene, Grint said, "I was really dreading it. I was really nervous, because you're in this tiny little room, the whole crew watching. It's quite scary. There were so many takes, once you got into it, it was alright. The worst part is watching it back with your family. That's the thing that really gets embarrassing."

26 October 2006: While promoting Driving Lessons in Dallas, Texas, Rupert is interviewed while bowling with the journalist from the Dallas Star-Telegram.

27 November 2006: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire wins the BAFTA Kid's Vote award at the BAFTA Children's award. Rupert attends the ceremony with James and Oliver Phelps.

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16 December 2006: An interview is published with Rupert in Radio Times. See scans here.

17 December 2006: Driving Lessons makes its debut on British TV, airing on ITV.

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