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Rupert Grint Chronology: October - December 2004 | RupertGrint.net
Rupert Grint Chronology: October - December 2004

27 October 2004: Initial reports come out of Rupert lending his voice to the Happy Birthday, Peter Pan documentary.  Later, it is revealed Rupert indeed voices the title character of Peter Pan. The special was aired in the UK on January 2005 (links coming soon).

18 November 2004: The Prisoner of Azkaban DVD is released worldwide! A special DVD launch is held to commemorate the occasion and a multitude of cast and crew attend. (Image Gallery)

The Prisoner of Azkaban featured a lot of great bonus features including a special interview with the trio. Here's a great clip:

Here's another video (be sure to lower your volume, though) interview of the filmmakers.  There is voice dubbing, but some answers aren't completely inaudible.

27 November 2004: Rupert is named on of the England's 16 Best and Brightest Teens! David Heyman, never without a word of praise for his young cast, had this to say about Rupert:

"Success has not gone to his head. He is a natural comedian, and his future is what he makes of it. There will always be a need for actors of his great instinct and talent."

With all those listed being 16 at the time, they answered what the best AND worst thing about 16 is and how they spent their birthdays.  Be sure to click here for Rupert's answers!

24 December 2004: Famed author Steven King lists Prisoner of Azkaban as one of his Top 10 films of the year, and makes note of Rupert & his co-stars performances saying:

"Number 5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban makes the first two Potter pix look like Joe Camp Benji movies. Some of this has to do with how gracefully the young protagonists are growing up, more with Alfonso Cuaron's dreamily gothic visuals."

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