Rupert Grint Chronology: October - December 2005

October 2005: Promotion for Goblet of Fire was rumbling to life. Magazines such as Xpose and DreamWatch ran some features on the Potter series.

25 October 2005: A press conference is held in London for Goblet of Fire. The complete transcript from the conference is published at CBBC Newsround. Rupert admits during the session that he doesn't have a girlfriend because he's "learning to drive - so that's taking up a lot of time!" (COMPLETE GALLERY)

Download the audio from the press conference! Courtesy of Mugglenet.

28 October 2005: Director Mike Newell gives an interview to the Telegraph and has high praise for Rupert and the direction of his career:

"They're all strong characters, too. You might think Rupert was rather dozy, but he's a glorious comic. He'll be a name."

All three, Newell thinks, have an ability to separate themselves from the wilder excesses of celebrity. "Emma goes back to school and ordinary life, whereas Rupert's given up on school and makes other films. So he does it that way."

29 October 2005: An interview with the trio airs on ITV's show Ministry of Mayhem.

November 2005: The release of Goblet of Fire is upon us! What does this mean? A TON of magazine features! Click the links below for scans -

Empire Magazine | Creative Screenwriting | Entertainment Weekly | Premiere | DVD Review

November 6, 2005: The London world premiere for Goblet of Fire is held in Leicester Square, complete with a big firebreathing dragon. The trend for the night seemed to be velvet jackets as Rupert, Dan Radcliffe, and Robert Pattinson all showed up rocking the velvet. [Complete gallery]


November 12, 2005: The premiere then headed to the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City. [Complete Gallery]

November 2005: A lot of videos were released from previews to the upcoming Goblet of Fire and special "Making Of" features. All videos are hosted by the Leaky galleries.

December17, 2005: Rupert Grint and one of the Phelps twins attends a Foo Fighters gig in London. [Complete gallery]


December 31, 2005: Rupert and his granddad take part in the Generation Fame game on New Years Eve. Fun all around! Watch it in several parts on YouTube:



(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) 

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