Rupert Grint Chronology: Year 2003

2003 was a bit of a quiet year for fans while Rupert was busy filming his part in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yet that didn't stop him from going on the Newsround message boards at one point and chatting with fans...

28 February 2003:
"Rupert Grint hits our message boards,"
CBBC Newsround

Now filming has started on the Prisoner of Azkaban, Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, will be dead busy.

But that didn't stop him coming on our message boards for a chat on 21 February!

Rupert calls himself Permlessboy whenever he comes on the boards.

He chatted to loads of people, mostly, for some reason, about ham.

We haven't included all the messages. That's because many of them are just Rupert telling people who don't believe him he really is Rupert!

8 April 2003: "Chamber of Secrets" DVD Launch

"Rupert's Gossip from the Potter DVD Launch," CBBC Newsound

Rupert Grint couldn't be happier.

No, not because it's finally dawned on him that he's one of the Big Three actors in one of the most successful films of all time.

Or because he's got an army of girl fans following his every move.

But because, simply, he doesn't have to go to school.

Fair enough.

The Ron Weasley actor is back on the set of Harry Potter 3, where he belongs.

"I'm having so much fun," he told Newsround. "Filming is sooo much better than school, it's so good to get back to it.

May 2003: The first photo of the trio on set is published online!

July 2003: Newsweek Magazine publishes a first look at Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with behind-the-scenes photos and official stills.


21 October 2003: Rupert and his co-star, Emma Watson, donated one of their paintings to the charity Kith & Kids. The painting truly showed off Rupert's artistic skills - here's what he had to say about the drawing:

I'm currently filming in the HARRY POTTER Films and art is one of my many interests. My picture was inspired by my favourite style of art surrealism. I wanted to create an image that was different and unusual. Please note this picture can be viewed upside down also.

12 November 2003: The first trailer for Prisoner of Azkaban is released! Something wicked this way comes...


6 December 2003: Access Hollywood has one of the first telvised behind-the-scenes footage from Prisoner of Azkaban and Rupert talks about his deeper voice.

8 December 2003: It was starting to become quite clear that Rupert and his co-stars were in this for the long run... Sci Fi Wire announced that the trio were officially signed on for the fourth film!

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