Exclusive: First Interview with Rupert Grint at Edinburgh Film Festival's First Interview with Rupert


"Claire, he's sat behind you."
"What Kel?"
"Rupert. Is. Sat. Behind. You."

Well I couldn't keep still after she told me that, could I? I got up from my seat in the press area and turned to find Julie Walters and Rupert seated a little behind me, having a cosy chat with another journalist. Oh God. Did I really have to do this? What if it went horribly, horribly wrong?

A few seconds later we were ushered to a corner by Rupert's press agent to set up our equipment. There really wasn't much time at all to think. No sooner had we sat down to gather a quick breather before Rupert came over, than Kelle suddenly bolted upright on her feet and shook Rupert's hand. Oh no. No no. I wasn't ready!! Couldn't he come back another day?? This was happening, ready or not...

Kelle: Hi Rupert, how are you?


Rupert: Yeah, I'm alright thanks! Yeah, not bad!


K: Well, we're from…


R: Oh wow [laughs]


K: …and we'd like to give you this [hands Rupert enormous 18 th birthday card]…


R: Oh wow, oh cheers, thanks!


K: …it's from all the fans and staff at, it's the biggest card we could get! [laughs]


R: [laughs] Oh wow, cheers for that!


Claire: So Rupert, how was your 18 th birthday?


R: Yeah, it was really good…I was actually working on the day so….


C: Oh no…


R: …that was a bit of a shame. But no, it was good! [Opens card, special car licence plate and 18 th birthday podcast CD fall out] Oh wow, thanks!


C: That's actually a CD of our 18 th birthday podcast did for you. There are a lot of messages from the fans…


R: Oh wow, wicked…


C: …and people from Harry Potter websites.


R: Wow, thanks for that!


C: It seriously was the biggest card we could find…


R: [laughs] Wow, it is big!! Oh wicked, thanks.


C: So, before we start…in fact you wanna go with this one Kel?


K: Well basically…have you ever been on


R: Yeah, I have actually seen it, yeah. It's quite, [giggles] quite cool, yeah!


K: Well we try and put as much information on it as we can.


R: Oh wow, yeah, cool.


C: You get asked questions all the time, so is there any questions you'd like to ask your fans? Any question if you could?


R: I don't know really! Errr…


[All laugh]


C: We've stumped him!


R: I don't know really…that's quite a good….I don't know…I can't really think of anything!


C: Well don't worry because we've got plenty of questions for you!


R: Awww, okay.


C: So, what did you learn about yourself as an actor while doing Driving Lessons and…erm….what made you, kind of, want to act outside Harry Potter?


R: I dunno really, I mean, I mean the Harry Potter films they're so…they're quite long. The fourth one took about, sort of, a year to make and err…sort of, like every day…


C: Mmmm…


R: …and like, sort of a whole year to make so…you sort of get a little, a little bit fed up…Erm, so it's just nice to do something different and sort of, be a different character.


K: Have you got more things in the pipeline?


R: There's a few things that might happen yeah so…erm…yeah I'm looking forward to doing stuff like that. Yeah, it should be good.


K: Because ITV have posted that you're doing something for them, or is that Driving Lessons?


R: Yeah, that's err..that's when Driving Lessons comes out on the TV, I think.


K: Yeah? Which is autumn?


R: Yeah, yeah.


C: There isn't a separate project with that? It is just Driving Lessons?


R: It is just Driving Lessons, yeah, just going on the TV so…


Soundbyte: Rupert on acting outside HP and that ITV project


K: If there was any one famous person who could give you a Driving Lesson…


[Claire laughs]


K: …who would it be?


R: Who would it be? Ohhh, I dunno!


[Kelle laughs]


R: It's true, I failed my test, I failed my test the first time…


K: Yeah…


R: So yeah…so…


K: Don't worry, I haven't passed…


C: No-one passes first time!


K: No, no-one passes first time…


R: No…well yeah…


K: So who would you like to teach you?


R: To teach me? Oh I don't know really, err…


[Kelle and Rupert laugh]


K: Are we really stumping you?


R: Yeah…you are!!


C: What about you Kel, what famous person would you have give you a driving lesson?


K: I don't…just anyone…anyone who could teach me to drive!


R: Yeah, I'll...I just want to pass…


C: What about who you wouldn't choose…is there anyone who you would absolutely not get in a car with?


R: Hmmm…well my dad's really bad…


K: I was gonna say parent's…because they're always the worst ones…


R: I know, yeah.


C: They've always got the worst habits don't they??


R: I know! It's so annoying! [laughs] It is, it really is annoying…


[Claire laughs]


K: Anyway, I do hope you pass.


R: Oh cheers, yeah.


C: Yeah, good luck with that. Have you read the sixth Harry Potter book?


R: No…oh well yeah! Yeah I have…


K: Yeah yeah…[laughs]


[Rupert laughs]


R: Finally yeah…


K: Just….


R: I know…[laugh]


C: If you could have been in any one film from the past, any film absolutely, what would it be?


R: I really like, I'm sort of into comedy films. I really liked errr...have you seen Napoleon Dynamite?


C: Yes! I've just seen it the other day!!


R: Oh really? Yeah, I really liked that.


K: I haven't seen that one.


R: It's really funny, yeah. So yeah, probably that. I really liked that.


K: I could actually see you doing a comedy as well.


R: Oh? cool.


K: Would you consider that as something you'd do?


R: Yeah, I think I would actually ‘cos erm…I dunno, I really like watching those sort of films so…I did, I did Thunderpants after the first Harry Potter film…


K: That was…


R: …so that was my first ever comedy…


C: I think you'd be great in a comedy, I really do.


R: Yeah? [laughs]


K: Are you signed up for the next (Harry Potter film)?


R: Well I'm not signed up, but I want to do it.

C: So, we've decided that you like comedy…you said that you like comedy…but apart from that, erm, is there any film genres you'd like to try? Something that's totally different to both, you know, Harry Potter, Driving Lessons…


K: Something to stretch your acting…


R: Yeah, I dunno, I'm, I'm open to most things really…see what comes up. I would, I would maybe like to do a…errr…animation thing.


C: Yeahh!! Have you seen the new thing out with Keanu Reeves?


K: Oh yeah, with the emm….


C: A Darkly, a Darkly Scanner?? (*FACEPALM* CLAIRE!! *FACEPALM*)


K: It's…it's actually Keanu Reeves and Winnona Ryder?


C: A Scanner Darkly?? (There we go!!)


R: Oh, yeah?


K: It's anim…it's them, but it's not them. It looks very good, you'd definitely be good at something like that.


R: Yeah, I'd like to do something like that, ‘cos I…Toy Story and all those sorts of things…[laughs]


C: Gotta love Toy Story…[laughs]


R: That was wicked…yeah [laughs]. So yeah, maybe something like that.


C: So, I mean, we see you today, and you're dressed great…


[Rupert laughs]


C: …so the fans actually do…you're such a style icon to them. Is there anyone style that, you know, you like…or anyone that inspires, that inspires you in that respect?


R: I don't know really, erm…no-one in particular really…I just…


Rupert and Claire [at the same time]: like what you like…


R: Yeah, exactly, yeah. It's the best, the best sort of thing…


C: Fab…


K: You stand out, you don't want to, sort of, blend in…


R: No I…


C: Can you give me style tips?


[All laugh]


K: Erm, a lot of people are asking about your favourite bands. Obviously you've mentioned, I mean…


C: Foo Fighters, we know that you like the Foo's…


R: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


K: I mean, Kaiser Chiefs, do you like them? Lost Prophets?


R: Yeah.


K: Are you into all sorts of music or……?


R: All sorts of stuff really yeah….err…I have a pretty, pretty wide sort of tastes. It's mainly sort of rock. But erm, yeah. Mainly that sort of stuff [laughs].


K: That's good.


[Claire laughs]


C: Somethin' that we get everyday, every single day Rupert without fail, is “Does Rupert have a myspace?” Please can you confirm if you do or do not have a myspace?


R: No, I don't actually, no.


K: Well, we've got one for you at


R: Oh really? Oh cool, yeah.


K: But everyone just seems to…


R: Yeah it's pretty crazy isn't it?


C: That's just a question we always get and, oh God, it drives me mad…


R: Yeah.


C: Another one, another question I have to ask is “What is your real middle name?” ‘Cos you've had a couple over the years…Is it Michael or is it Alexander?


[Claire and Kelle laugh]


R: It's sort of err…it's sort of err..Alex…it's quite a posh name actually my full one…It's Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint.


C: Oh that's nice!


K: Well we weren't going to ask about the “L”…it's…yeah..


R: Lloyd…yeah…


K: It's a nice name.


R: Yeah, I don't, I don't ever use the Lloyd, or the Alexander.


[Kelle laughs]


Rupert and Claire: It's just Rupert Grint.


R: Yeah.


K: You don't need to use anything else really, do you?


[Rupert laughs]


K: Erm, also what the fans are obsessed with is how tall you are?


R: I don't…I have no idea…5' 8”? Something like that?


C: Okay, I saw this in Heat magazine last night and it was like a last minute question that I put together for you…Erm…What was the last film that you saw, what was the last book that you read and what was the last DVD/CD you bought or listened to?


R: Err, last film..was erm…it's called, it's called Hostel?


C: [in horror] Hostel???


R: It's sick, isn't it?


C: It's really frightening!!!


R: Yeah.


C: I'm gonna be scarred for life (after seeing that film).


K: I don't err, don't watch stuff like that…


R: Don't.


[Kelle and Rupert laugh]


R: It's horrible. Yeah I'm not very good with horror films and that so…it's just…it wasn't even scary, it was just disgusting. But err, that was the last film...err…


C: Book?


R: Book? I'm really ba…err…I haven't read a book, properly, since I left school.


C: You don't really need to though…


R: Except the sixth (Harry Potter book).


K: Can't forget that one.


C: The sixth book, yeah…


[All laugh]


R: No, that's it really.


K: So you've not gone down all this “Da Vinci Code” route?


R: No…no, I haven't seen the film yet…


K: I haven't either,


R: No?


K: I've just read the book.


R: It sounds pretty complicated.


C: Read the book, don't watch the film.


R: Really?


C: Yeah.


R: Is it bad, yeah?


C: Yeah.


K: Your last CD?


R: Last CD…Since I got my…I don't really buy CD's anymore.


C: You got an iPod, or something like that?


R: Yeah, I've got my iPod yeah. Erm, I got the new Chilli Peppers album…yeah, so that was quite good.




R: DVD? Errrmmm…


[Kelle laughs]


R: DVD…I got, I got “Anchorman”, that was quite funny.


C: Ohh, “Anchorman” is so funny!


R: It is quite funny, isn't it? Yeah, I like that.


C: Will Ferrell is just…


K: Have you seen him in Elf?


R: Yes!!! I was gonna say that!


C: Wedding Crashers?


R: Oh yeah, I saw that. Was he in that??


C: Yeah.


R: Oh right…oh that was funny…


C: He had a very small role…


R: Oh right, yeah.


C: But he is really funny.


K: Elf's funny…


[Rupert laughs]


R: Yeah…


Soundbyte: Listen to Rupert talk about the last film he watched, book he read and CD/DVD he bought or listened to!


K: So, which actor is your idol?


R: Erm…I don't really have like…I dunno…


C: You don't really have an idol that you kind of look up to..but…


R: No…


C: But is there anyone who really stands out?


R: Oh, I mean…I dunno…I won't say…err…I said Jim Carrey ages ago…


C: Yeah…


[Kelle laughs]


R: I, I liked Dumb and Dumber…that's, that was cool…


K: Mmmm.


C: I mean, but, you know as a site, we have this information on you and…I mean, we still get things about Spongebob but surely you've moved past that Spongebob stage by now?


R: [laughing] Not really, I still like that!!!


C: [laughing] Fair enough!!


R: [laughing] Yeah…


C: [laughing] That's cool!


R: I still catch, I still see an episode of that yeah…but umm…


Soundbyte: Rupert on his favourite actor and Spongebob


K: A lot of your fans get star-struck meeting you, I mean, we were pretty…quite nervous about meeting you today but is there anyone who you would like to meet? Or someone who would make you probably nervous or has in the past? You've met and thought “wooooooooow”….?


R: Erm, yeah ‘cos there's quite a few on the, the Harry Potter films…like Alan Rickman, he's quite scary.


K: Mmm.


C: Yeah…


R: Yeah, erm…'cos he's always in character and he's…his voice creeps me out a little bit but…


C: Can I ask you, if you have read the sixth book, if you think Snape is good or bad?


R: I don't know, I'm not sure. I'd like to think he's good.


C: It's really, kinda on the fence, isn't it?


R: I know, I'd like to think he's good…


C: Yeah…


R: But, I don't think (that he is).


K: I just remember reading the book on a train…


C: Yeah, Snape could well be bad…


R: Yeah…


K: …to London , and there was about seventeen other people and we're all up to the same point in the book. When Dumbledore dies…


[Claire laughs]


K: …you just hear the gasps…


R: Really?


K: …the whole train going “GASP!”…


[Claire giggles]


C: Yeah, my friend was really, really mean and after the fifth book was released, she actually ran through the bus station and shouted “Sirius is DEAD!!” after she saw someone reading the book…


R: Oh no…


C: …and I was like “Oh God, please no…”…


R: Oh no, dear me…


K: So there's no-one that's actually made you starstruck?


R: I don't really…actually today I saw Jo Russell Brand?


C: Oh yeah!


R: I saw him walkin' about, that was quite…


C: For the Fringe (Festival)?

R: Yeah, I dunno where we were, he was just walking about.

K: That's alright tho…

And with that, our time was up. There was a few extra minutes to get a message from Rupert to all his fans at and a quick picture for Kelle and I. We shook hands with both Rupert and his press agent and we were done! Our first interview with Rupert was in the bag.

As we walked away we saw Rupert showing his press agent the giant birthday card we'd given him. “Awww bless them” he said.

And that pretty much sums up our meeting with Rupert. We can't emphasise to you how sweet and lovely this man really is. All I can say is that we're glad to run a fansite on him because really? There is no-one else we feel more deserving.

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