Exclusive: Interview with David Decio

January 29, 2006

How did you get the part on Harry Potter?

I got to be a stand-in on Harry potter through my casting agent. A film company normally chooses a selection of people for the part from different agents and then they narrow it down to who they think suits the part.

Would you consider acting in films in the future?

I have already acted in several films but of course I would love to carry on doing it in the future. Two of my favourite roles have been: having a part in the most recent James Bond film ‘DIE ANOTHER DAY', when I played Jinx's (Halle Berry's) Personal Driver & Mr. Kil's ( Lawrence Makoare from Lord of the Rings trilogy) Personal Assistant. Also being in a British gangster film ‘SHINER' acting along side Sir Michael Caine; that was truly amazing! I played the DJ of the boxing arena that Michael Caine owns, and we have an argument about the music volume (well you can guess, he wins it). I have also had several featured parts on television shows.

Being a Rupert Grint fan site, we wondered if working with Rupert on Harry Potter led to further work on Driving Lessons?

I'm not to sure how much of a role it played in me getting ‘Driving Lessons' but I do know when they call around the agents my agent has me down as Rupert Grints stand-in from the Harry Potter film and they know I get on very well with Rupert so straight away I would have been put forward for the part.

On any of the movies you have worked on, which actors do you get on best with and why?

I really liked Sir Michael Caine. I remember the first thing he said to me was a joke (I wont mention it hear – a bit rude), at first it shocked me because I wasn't expecting such a chilled out funny person but straight away I felt more at ease and ready for and fun shoot! Dustin Hoffman was a very funny, warm hearted man. Of course Rupert Grint as well, he is such a great guy! We can just hang out when the crew are setting up the shot and just chat and have a laugh about anything (video games, movies, etc); there is nothing pompous or stuck up about him at all! The same can be said about Daniel Radcliffe.

There are so many others like Lawrence Makoare, Russell Crowe, Stephen Tompkinson, Halle Berry , I could go on!

Some of our readers are a bit uncertain of what exactly a stand-in/double does. Could you give us a better description of your job and what exactly you do?

It's a very odd way of working on the Harry Potter films. It tends to be controlled by the hours the kids can work: four and a half hours a day. So then the Director has to work with doubles and stand-ins.

Stand-in : A person who has the same physical properties of a particular actor , and takes their place during the lengthy setup of a scene . This allows the actor to prepare for the filming itself.

Body double : For some shots, a director may consider that a particular actor's body may not be suitable for the impression desired. In these situations, the actor is "doubled" (replaced) by a person whose body is more suitable. Typically, body doubles are used for shots requiring depictions of physical fitness.

What are your future aspirations?

To continue working with great actors and Directors on future movies.

What is your favourite off-camera moment from any of the film sets you have worked on?

My favourite off camera moment was being on the James Bond Ice Palace set and Pierce Brosnan (James Bond); let me sit in his 007 Aston Martin and we spoke about the new Bond car.

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