Super Clyde: Why It’s Likely to Become a Reality

Max Di Natale

The People Involved in the Business.

Greg Garcia (writer/creator) has had numerous recent successes with shows such as Raising Hope and My Name is Earl. He also wrote some episodes of the huge 80s-90s sitcom Family Matters, which became one of the biggest comedies of a decade. Mike Fresco (director of the pilot) has similar credits to his name, plus responsibilities for directing episodes of such shows as The O.C. and Doogie Howser. 

The Social Media Madness.

Fans are already going crazy over word that Rupert Grint might join their TVs weekly. In fact, a recent poll asked readers which new pilot they were most looking forward to, and to nobody’s surprise, Super Clyde received over 16,000 votes, making it the #1 choice. But it’s not just fans. Reports are buzzing that CBS is already trying to lock down official Twitter handles and other social media rights. They are beginning to feel what we’ve known for a while – this is going to be huge. 

The Superhero Craziness.

Superhero movies are being made faster than just about any other film genre right now. So why not bring the popularity back to TV? Think about the fond memories you have of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Pretty great, huh? Well consider that at least 5 superhero movies are coming out this year (Iron Man 3 and Kick-Ass 2 just to name a few)..and that at least 5 are slated for next year (more Spider-Man, Captain America, and X-Men movies)…and you’ll realize that the superhero TV craze is right around the corner. 

The Uniqueness.

Super Clyde will use the single-camera technique for filming, meaning a single camera is on the set, and each shot is taken individually. Many infamous comedies such as The Addams Family, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Brady Bunch used this technique.  It gave the shows the look of film, while also suiting visual effects needs. By the mid-1970s through the 90s, the multi-camera style became much more popular. However, some unique and extremely well-regarded shows have recently brought back the trend, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, the UK version of The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Modern Family.

The Rupertness.

Rupert.  Grint. We just have a bad (or good?) habit of reminding our readers of the #1 reason.  

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